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How do I find out about events near me?

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Hi! I'm fairly new to geocaching and would like to find out if there are any events planned near Windsor, Ontario. I'd like to be able to know where to look to see if any are listed -- I just discovered pathtags (found one in a cache) and when I was on one of their forums a lady informed me there was a pathtag event next weekend. Sooooo, now I just need to find out about geocache events.


Can anyone tell me where to look, or if there are events already planned?


Thank you.



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Welcome :)


There are various ways of finding out about local events...


If you've ticked the box to receive the Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter you'll see events local to you listed there (Make sure you set your approximate Home Location on your profile so that the Event List will be relevant to your area).


You can also do a search for all Event Caches from this page:




Select "All Event Cache Types", by Country/State etc, or by your local post/zip code.


MrsB :)

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Addendum to the above: You can search from the Hide & Seek A Cache link on the left side of every Geocaching.com page. I, personally, search for events from my State page (third box down) as it lists caches in hide-date order. All upcoming events will, perforce, be at the top of the page since their hide dates are in the future.


Whoops. Just saw that you're across the river. You can search by country and then province by selecting the fourth box down. The first drop down box on the page that opens will allow you to select -only- events.


Better yet, drop down a bit on the Hide & Seek page and enter your home coordinates in the boxes provided. Once the search results come up (they automatically sort by distance from your search point), click the 'Placed' link, and the events will pop to the top of your results sorted by date, with the distance to your home coordinates displayed on the left.


If you don't mind (and are able to) crossing the border, there is an FUN annual event on the 26th of March which starts at Big Boy on Jefferson (just down the street from the bridge/tunnel) and continues on to Belle Isle. There's a CITO (Cache In/Trash Out) event being hosted on the 23rd of April, also at Belle Isle. If you go to either of them, tell Rattrak (Tim) and/or Brummelbear (Leo) that Ernie said 'Hi!'.

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Probably the easiest method of finding one (for a regular member) is by going to your profile page, on the right side, find the Search Options box and click where the (drawn) arrow points:



This will bring up a long list of ALL new caches, but the list of future event caches are all listed first. You can check and see when/where they are and make plans accordingly.

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