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New Coin -- The Oceanside Kitties Geocoin


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Did you get any extra orders from the Netherlands? I promoted the coin in the Dutch forum.


No, just the other two that are in the thread already.


I've sold just enough to cover the costs of production with a little to spare. The two AE donations received are not included in that figure. So I have enough $ "on paper" to do 2.5 cats now.


I'm sure the other 7 sets will sell in the meantime and when they do, will give me at exactly enough to get all 4 kitties taken care of. The additional AE auctions/sales should allow for a donation to the two charity entities.

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Hey AG you told me to put my request here ... Put me in for 2 sets please.




So you're jumping up one more set? Thanks!!


I actually told you to email me some info (see the GGA thread), but you can post here too ;)


Edit added: 8 Sets Left!

I would love a set! I adore kitties and volunteer at a local no-kill shelter :-)

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Project Update:


I just placed the order with the vendor. Will update with an approximate completion date as soon as I have one.


Made several changes on the artwork: eyes on all 4 kitties, face shape on cat on back side, reworking the paw on the brown/white kitty and a few other small tweeks I can't remember offhand. I'll post updated artwork, but some changes may be hard to see since the art loses clarity when resized and converted to .jpg.


There are 5 Sets remaining.


I'll be invoicing next week and will provide a cutoff date for you to make your payments if you can't or don't want to pay right away.


Final Minting Numbers: 60 Gold, 60 Nickel, 15 Black Nickel


Aside from today's reservations, there are 3 people I still need their info from. Please check your email.


Thanks again to all who are supporting this project!

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will provide a cutoff date for you to make your payments


Can i pay now? :)


If you want to make a direct payment through the "personal - gift" tab next week, rather than paying an invoice, you would save me paypal fees being deducted from the amount. But I'm not ready to accept money quite yet.


3 Sets left


The order is due to arrive in the US on 4/15. So payments will be due by 4/10.

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I will start a list from this point forward in case any reservations go unpaid. Invoicing in the next couple of days.


There will we 12 AE versions available through charitable eBay auctions.


1 AE available as a prize for the icon design contest I'll be launching later this coming week. So those of you with art-ability, put your thinking caps on for 32x32 and 16x16 sized icons for these coins.

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Man, this is what I get for procrastinating. But I'm sure glad you sold all your sets. : )


Edited to add: if someone doesn't pay you, I'd be very happy if you hooked me up with a set. : )


Thanks. I will definitely let you know. I'm waiting on 7 payments, but they have till the 10th to pay.

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First person on the wait list took the unpaid for set, thank you Jackalgirl.


Coins should still arrive at the vendor this Friday. I plan to ship the day after coins are received. Will update once I have the coins in hand and know the exact day I'm shipping.


The ebay auctions for the remaining AEs will benefit ferals in need and coastal animal rescue.


Cats have their surgery appointments on 4/26.


Thank you everyone who purchased and made straight donations. I couldn't have made it this far without your help.

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Cats have their surgery appointments on 4/26.



Is there going to be streaming video of the surgeries :rolleyes:


People have births, surgeries recorded :o


No, not during the surgeries, but I did plan to take photos and/or video when I go there with them or to pick them up. Depends on how stressed out they and I are. It's going to be traumatic for them being trapped.

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Any pictures?


I wasn't sent any, but will take some when I get the coins this week. I actually have a tracking number now, but it's not updated past arriving at the DHL facility. I can't tell if that's the one in Hong Kong or the one in the Midwest (US). Their tracking is weird.


Oh and if anyone who purchased wasn't following the icon design cointest, here are the winning icons made by Jackalgirl:




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I'd mentioned to AG that I'd like to donate to her charities some amount for the AE, and the going price for the AE seems to be between $50 and $200 and of course I want to be generous, but with the recent "voluntary departure", my paycheck has taken a deep hit. So I thought about it and figured that the best thing to do would be an AE for an AE. I've put up one of my Egyptian Key AEs up for sale on eBay and will split the winning bid (rounded up if it doesn't split into a whole dollar amount) between Coastal Animal Rescue and Ferals in Need. I'll be picking up all of the incidentals on my end (my PayPal fees, eBay fees, and shipping/handling), so all the winning bid will go to the shelters minus whatever eBay hits them for on their end (and if I can actually work out the math, I'll add a little extra so they actually get your winning bid).


Anyway, here's that link again:


Egyptian Key - AE


Thanks for looking, and thanks to AG for the cointest! I'm pretty stoked about getting the AE. : )

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Kat, that's really generous of you. As I told you in email, you worked for the AE by creating the icons and deserve the prize.


I believe Coastal has a donate button available right on their website. The other woman is really a bare bones operation, but I have her phone number and can ask her if she accepts online donations somewhere. I was planning on taking her cash or a check after I ebay a few AEs. So I'll email you with that info when I get it.

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Okay the coins are here, however, there are some quality issues with some of them. There's also an inking error on some of them.


I'm still going through them to figure out what is okay to ship right away and what has to wait for the replacements or if I just have them redo them all. I'll post an update as soon as I have one later tonight.





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Basically 20 sets are NOT ready to ship. There are 20 nickel coins with various imperfections, as well as some gold and a few black nickel.


I'm going to look over the buyers list and ask my closest friends to wait for the remakes which were just turned in to the vendor. I'll come back and edit this post with the orders that are NOT shipping right away. I'll also provide a date when the remakes will be in hand.


On the inking error, I'm leaving that in the edition. There are basically 6 Gold and 22 Nickel where the Brown & White cat has two white feet (the artwork, as well as all other coins, is 1 white and 1 brown). These oddity versions will be randomly distributed.

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