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Best McToys

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You usually the toys in from the fast food chains aren't very god and there are multiple threads to that end. What was some of the best McToys people have seen? Over the winter McDonald's was giving away some descent toy cars. No major mechanical parts just sturdy plastic with rolled well.

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We found a disposal camera in an ammo box that had 1 picture left. We figure it was used up by everyone finding the cache. We are getting it developed soon!

Some cache owners put those in their caches for cache finders to take their picture, but I think the idea is that the finders then leave the camera for the cache owner to develop the pictures and put on the cache page. If you haven't, it might be courteous to e-mail the owner and let them know you have it and that the camera was full. If they don't know, they eventually may end up wondering why someone 'stole' their camera.

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Right after I started getting into GeoCaching heavily I found a box of old toys. They were from a show called Monster Rancher, and ever since I've been using them as trade items. The all hold along the same lines with sturdy, one-piece mold, hard plastic shapes. They'd stand up to most anything and I've enjoyed trading with them so far.


I plan on doing something of the like when I'm done trading out these. I plan on getting another set of toys like these, lining them up for a set of photos, and get a little creative after that. Everytime I trade one out I would edit the photo to include the GC code above the toy, that way in case someone came across my profile or saw these toys they could check out where it started out. A little convoluted but it would be much cheaper to do this that buy geotags for each individual toy.

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