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Blackberry + Blackstar + bcaching.com

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Anyone out there use Blackstar on a blackberry?


I have recently become a premium member and I am trying to work out how to download the .GPX files and PQs into Blackstar. I have discovered bcaching.com but I haven't had any luck downloading the files - apparently I need to create a My Finds PQ first! I have followed the step by step process but still no luck. On top of this I cannot register on the bcaching.com forums to find any help Argghhh!


Anyone have any ideas? Or am I better off downloading cachesense onto my BB?



Country Snail



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You can find some more information about getting started on the bcaching forums. Click on the User Guide section then "2. Getting Started". Users can't post on the forums until they've sync'd their geocaching.com account. There were too many spammers hitting the site before, but if you are having trouble you can email support at bcaching dot com directly for help.

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There is a manual on using BlackStar with bcaching.com on the BlackStar forums. It does a good job on getting you set up through the whole process.http://blackstarnavigation.freeforums.org/user-manual-from-psycada-t163.html#p729


This document does have one issue. It documents uploading field notes from BlackStar. That functionality has not been developed yet.

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