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Map problem

Justin of Team Slacker
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what's the story with the "caches you've found" maps? Are the little checked boxes ever going to be back? is there going to be something to replace them?


If there is not already a solution in the works, I have a suggestion. Allow the paying members to see the caches they've hit using the old checked boxes system. This would cut down on the number of such maps that would have to be produced, and possibly get more people to become paying members?? Just an idea, as I'm a paying member, and really don't get much use out of that status. I think it would be a good way to get things back and working (at least for some of us). Thanx for takin the time to read this!


Happy caching! icon_smile.gif


-Justin of Team Slacker

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You hit the nail right on the head. According to Jeremy, the checked boxes are now going to be a Premium feature only. Also, there will be different icons on the maps for different types of caches (virtual, multi, etc). Way cool!


Sweet!! i can't wait. i must fill all boxes, all boxes so many boxes. heehehehehe


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