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need your input on event cache

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if you were in an event,(science fun), that was a walk along a flat paved trail, 4.7 miles total,(shuttled back)

stopping along the way @ Planet Stations, where you had to get a solar system passport stamped

& get an answer from a guest scientist/teacher about a question, no cache container...


would you.....


want to have all the coordinates ahead of time, all you could do is watch the distances count down,

(your on a trail with the stations in order by distance from the sun)


since you won't need coordinates to find the station


would you be willing to have to get the coordinates yourself (mark the station) and submit them in order to complete the event.


thanks for any thoughts.



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I had to read through your post several times to understand where you are going... it is a little confusing.


In the first place, an event must have enough caches in the area to bring people there. So make sure there are other caches nearby, or make each of the planets a real cache. Without a cache of some sort you are talking about "Virtuals" which are no longer allowed. If this game is just part of an event then it sounds like great fun. But I would hand out all the coordinates first.


I wanted to do the same thing in my home town but it is spread out over several miles and some of the planets are in elementary schools. Caches are forbidden there.


Good luck with it.

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If you had read the guidelines, what you would (should) have caught, is that these "stations" would be temporary caches and are disallowed. If you set them up as permanent caches (for everyone to get to -- not just event attendees), then they could/would be listed on geocaching.com -- assuming that they met the other guidelines, also.


It does sound as though, according to your description, that they would be virtual caches and (sorry to say) they are no longer approved.


NOW -- the use of coordinates/stages as a game within the event does not pose a problem. Yours sounds like it could be fun/educational.


Go for it, but I wouldn't count on the stages being listed as caches.

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