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COINTEST: Geocoin Interests


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as I probably posted before... I am not writing about any mystery coins because all are my favorites ok? All are unique and lovely and I will always thank the mystery senders for honoring me with these coins....


so... back to the game....


a favorite coin that I adore is the geowoodstock VI geocoin! I love the way the picture is changing... I think this is the only coin so far with that.... right?

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Yes. This is a favorite of mine too. I pulled it out of the blind coin trade at GW6 and as soon as I looked at it I liked it.

I am always pretty beat up from caching. I prefer to do hikes through the stickers in my flip flops because I don't want to pick them out of my shoes.

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I have always been fascinated by space :D I haven't seen anything like this... how's about a comet geocoin that isn't too cartoon-ish looking. That would be freakin' awesome... or maybe a black hole.... or a worm hole. Need to get gregsonvaux workin' on something like that. I know he is always into the science type coins (though already quite busy at the moment).

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It isn't an overly complex coin, but it's the first one I found, and I love trains (particularly the steamy ones): The Travel Express geocoin!




I'll do two in one post: I hope someone will make a geocoin with a steam train engine with lots of personality (cartoonish)!

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Other favoriete coins which I have and I will always thank Ambrosia for that, are the Lackeys 2007 and the volunteer 2005 and 2008! they are rare and fantastic coins!!! I am so honored to have them! these coins are not common! you cann ot buy them etc.. so... they are very very special!!!

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There are just so many great coins - Thank you to everyone posting pics!


Another favorite - Tadpole379. On the back it says:

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine

flows into trees.The winds will blow their own

freshness into you, and the storms their

energy, while cares will drop off

like autumn leaves.

~John Muir~



dorkfish's Albino Lobster is another coin I just love. It's so fun and that's why I initially wanted it. But once I had it in hand I was taken by the beauty of it too.


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Some idea that I would like to see --


This is based on a comment in the quit lurking thread --


How about a lego coin? Each one could be like a thin lego piece, with the little attachment dots raised up, and they could connect together. So they would have to be 3D on both sides. With edge tracking and an icon, of course.

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I love micro coins, and intricate detail. The flags, the little flowers, the small compass coins are great. It would be good to see some more of these collections, perhaps some shaped ones (breeds of horses/sheep/dogs perhaps, or types of tree. I'm not sure what has already been done as there are so many, but a series of games would be fun (Tangrams, tic-tac-toe, etc).

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I do not know this coin Dwarven treasure Marie!! It looks great!!! WOW!!!


Anyway... 2 of my other favorite coins are the geoquitar coins, and the firefly's Pepper memorial coin!!!


I have 2 geoquitars nd I love them! In the pepper's memorial coin I have an adopted traveller! I hope I will see it one day coming in Rhodes.... I love tis coin because of the lovely photos pf Pepper and because it really shows the love firefly had for this amazing cat!

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It isn't an overly complex coin, but it's the first one I found, and I love trains (particularly the steamy ones): The Travel Express geocoin!




I'll do two in one post: I hope someone will make a geocoin with a steam train engine with lots of personality (cartoonish)!


Here is the first version of a steam train engine coin I am working on right now.


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Ok.... this will probably be my last post here...


In greece it is 24 of March already... so...


I have some coins in 2 lists... my favorite list and my wish list... so...


One is the Walpurgis 2008 coin! I love the glow moon and the witch...


Then is one of the sand dollars.... I love the simple and prety design they have!


the Alaska 2005 coin... I was so close to one, once but...


and at last... the amazing UFO geocoin of Team Kizb! It looks so nice!!!


I have to go to bed now! Good luck to all, congrats to the winners and A huge thank you for the cointest to Anne! :D


Oups... I posted about 5-7 minutes earlier! I am sorry!!

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Well as a last entry for the coin I most like/love and wished some one to make and certainly a collection theme (for me) is my new KINI coin. I think that if one takes the time and puts their soul into making a coin, it will always remain as a very special time for you. So my advise is to never give up those dreams (and etchings)and some day it will get made :D



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We haven't started collecting yet! BUT... my 8 year old is so excited to get started! We are going to be a homeschooling family and we are hoping to tie in nature and science and local history with geocaching. I am THRILLED that I saw all this information about geocoins because my son is a COLLECTOR! He tries to get all the cub scout patches he can and this will be a huge motivator for him to start a new collection of geocoins!!!

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I haven't a clue if this would be past the deadline as it's 12:30am here. If it is just disregard.


I am goin back to the Team Pez geocoin. I think it is the best thing ever!


I love pez too. I've been collecting since I was a kid and got hundreds...such a fanatic. My favorites that I own are the Canadian Smurf series. Dont own that coin yet, but hopefully someday. It such a cool coin.

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Thanks everyone for all your entries! I've really enjoyed reading all your suggestions and seeing your favorite coins. :)

Now for the important part. ;)

The winner is... redwingrr, post #173!




I'll send you a message in a second to get your info. Thanks again everyone!


Elements Compass is one of my favorites too. Here's Sun in Silver and a couple more.

I know I'm not the only one with an eye for the sparklies around here... Carion Crow.

Two of the WI coins (WGA) are in my favorites also - the 2008 cow and 2010 too.




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