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COINTEST: Geocoin Interests


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I usually collect coins based on my favorite hobbies...



or golfing


I also really like nature themed geocoins such as the national parks geocoins minted a couple years ago.

Or funny coins such as the travel gnome, or the functional geocoins such as the GeoBike.

So, basically, the first logger summed up this answer for me when they said and I quote...

the theme I collect around is: "Anything I Think is Cool"!
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I love seeing pics of peoples' favorites.

Le Chat Rampant is a great series and would be among my favorites anyway. But Hydrophobia goes straight into my heart because, for me, it represents our cat, Lizabeth. She was a Blue Point Siamese that was an integral part of our lives for 18 years. We love you, Minky.


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My new favorite coin is the Earth Turtle Oceania Tsun's edition. It was Bora Bora but then I discovered this in the Want/Trades thread.




I like that! Its my new favorite now too ;)


I love all the Oceania ET's, but the Tsun version is a favorite too (colour combination is beautiful) and I've been looking for it awhile...*sigh*...oh well, I must have patience and hopefully I shall have the honor to have one someday to have a complete Oceania family:)





Another favorite, and was my very first trade, is the Lotus Bast. I don't know how the mint did it, but I love the cat-eye effect and the bare metal back to show off the metal artwork.



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Second post, and I'll address #2: a theme around which I collect.


I enjoy coins that feature nature and the organisms within it. While I really "geek out" on coins that have some biology with them, I have been known to appreciate artistic or fantastic renderings of nature. How does one put biology/science into a coin? Including the scientific name of an organism, or providing some natural history about the animal/place featured on the coin, like some of the national park coins. The artistic/fantastic interpretations that I've appreciated are the turtle and hopper coins by tsunrisebey, the fantasy butterfly coins that came out a while ago (I forget the cacher's name - sorry!), the rampant le chat's, and I'm sure there will be more going forward!


Although I appreciate pretty colors and shapes as much as the next guy, I like science, research, and education also and really appreciate when coins meld the two: fun AND true.

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Second post - Question Two: Since my collection is small right (6 coins) now it has been coins that I like, but I am involved with the Boy Scouts of America (assistant leader, father of cub scout)and am trying to collect scout and outdoor themed coins.

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time for new post! :D


3) I would love to see coins about the 7 wonders of the ancient world!! it will be a 7 coin series but I am sire it will be a fantastic series! Even in phonecars or commemoretive coin that were made with that theme were very popular in the whole world!! ;)

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My theme is undersea stuff. This includes dolphins, turtles, fish, etc. I really love tsunrisebey's Earth Turtles, as well as most of her other designs too.


I can be expanded from the undersea world into other natural things, such as frogs, butterflies, flowers, etc. And I really like suncatchers. So there might be a basic theme, but in the end it ends up being anything that catches my eye.


I also like coins that represent places, especially if I have been there.

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1. Your favorite geocoin (with picture if you can!!)


The space shuttle,or the Washington DC benchmark coin


2. What theme you collect around


No theme just the ones I like and can afford


3. What coin you wish someone would make


I retired from the San Francisco subway (BART) so a BART themed coin


Thanks for the cointest

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3) I would love to see coins about the 7 wonders of the ancient world!! it will be a 7 coin series but I am sire it will be a fantastic series! Even in phonecars or commemoretive coin that were made with that theme were very popular in the whole world!! ;)


What a great idea, would love to see that too!!!!


Another coin what I would love to see is a Yanagi coin but maybe this dream will come true this year...

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#3 Hey oh, designers! question :): I wish someone would design a fine koi geocoin for regular purchase. The only ones I am aware of are beautiful mystery coins or the out of reach and rare Saffier & Stekelsteef. None of those are likely to make it onto my desk as a reminder of my friends.


Koi are fascinating and beautiful. So, long ago I built a pond and purchased some 2-3" koi as funds would allow. An hour drive each way didn't deter me from hanging out at the ponds and learning from the owner; he would explain how their colors would change and he would set aside some really fine koi for me if a poorly formed fin would eliminate it from becoming a show fish. Over many years, and several pond expansions, they grew larger and developed personalities.


Then one morning I went outside and was heartbroken to discover that wild animals had broke in and as suddenly as that, every one of my koi friends were gone. While I don't need a geocoin to remember the many hours I enjoyed their quiet company, it would be really nice to have one. I am many years to 'ever away from being able to design my own, so that it is my long-taled wish for a coin design.

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I am glad that you like my idea about the 7 wonders.... but here is an other idea I have....


firstly I will explain why I would love a series of coins like that...


Except of coins and banknotes, I am collecting phonecards too... (not so fanatic... but..) actually I collect so many things.... anyway...


Back in the 2000, phonecard collecting was very famous in greece, and the themes the phonecards had were many.... some were extremelly helpfull!!!


On January 2000, and while I was in my volleyball trainning... (it was early in the afternoon), I felt that something was wrong... not in me... but I felt something...strange... I asked permission from my coach to leave and not participate in the exersices in weight lifting... I went home and my father was not ok! Something had happent to him and his chest was in pain!

He didn't know what it was and he probably did something bad... he put some Vix in the area he was feeling pain! he was starting feeling uncomfortable and he was almost white! He couldn't breath well.....

I started asking questions to my mother because my father was in bed and couldn't talk much...


From what my mother and some that my father said to me... I realised that he had a heart attack!!! since he never had any problems with his heart... my mother didn't believe me... and my father too...


you will probably wondering what all these has to do with the phonecard collecting I mentioned above....

A week before... I had found a greek phonecard from the hellenic institute of cardiology... on the card there were all the symptoms to recognize a heart attack! later I found an other card saying what to do...


this phone card saved my father's life! I showed them the card and we took my father to the hospital... even if he didin';t want at first... he wanted us to wait... and later to go alone by walking, to the hospital!!! (he walked a little anyway...)


Since a simple phonecard saved my father... I believe that it will be nice to have a geocoin for that reason and for a stroke!! and I would love to see a special mission for them... what I mean... the coin to have a chain and an attached paper with all the symptoms, photos from the areas of pain and how to recognize it.. and what to do until you find medical help, and why not... the phone numbers to call and ask help! this can be laminated... and in english! then.. if it is possible.. (I am sure that many will help) this paper can be translated in as many languages we can!!!


As geocachers... we go out in the fields, forests, clifs etc... far away from civilization to play the game... and since we never know what might happen to us....


I strongly believe that a series of cons like that will help us and many many people who still do not know a lot about strokes or heart attacks!!!


an other series of coin can be made as first aid, and what to do if we get bitten by a snake, a scorpion, bees...


so.... how about all that??? :D I hope you will like my idea!! :)


Hmm... did I just wrote 2 of my ideas?? hmm.. what shall I write in the next 4 hours?? :lol: well I am sure I will find something!!! ;)


*** edit (sorry if that is not ok anne.... I do not know..), to say that my father is ok now.. but he has to be careful... he can not stand a second heart attack... he had a 99% damage... so...

Edited by GATOULIS
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I have more favorites than I can possibly fit into this cointest. So, here's a two-fer. These are two I'd love to have some day...


Loon-A-Tick. Humor, nature, beautiful art (including my favorite colors) and geocaching related (due to the ticks!) I love loons and caching and I hate ticks. A cacher has to weigh these things. Plus the play on words reminds me very much of my brother.


And Earth Turtle 2007 - another *fabulous* coin. Beautiful and with a beautiful message. "The goal in life is living in agreement with nature". "Cache with care" is on the back. Love it.


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My favorite coin.... but there are so many of them!!!!!

I guess I would have to say my Bell Witch coin.


I love anything Halloween, Ghost, Vampires, Bats, candy corn, Haunted Houses what ever I just love Halloween. I also like very detailed work like Celtic knots.


The coin I wish someone would make is a Lego themed coin, for my son.

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1. my favorite geocoin that I have seen is the blue/silver nocturne (which I don't have one yet!)


2. I tend to collect with mathematical, geometric, or astronomical coins, but I reserve the right to get something that I like (like compass roses or celtic inspired coins)


3. A celtic compass rose. After I post this, I am pretty sure someone will tell me it's been done (probably more than once) and I've just not seen it.

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is it time for my next post?? I hope! :D


1) In my first post I wrote that in my favorite coins there are the mystery coins... but I also have as favorites 3 sample coins that I have and 3 error coins!!! I adore them because they are unique! no, not unique because they were minted in limited numbers.... but because they are different!! An error coin has its own story to tell.. a sample that never made it... too! a sample that finaly made it to become... the mother of all the others....


Ok, I admit that learning that a sample is unique... is something fantastic, and to have one like is an honor!!


some do not like samples.. some do not like error coins... but I adore them! so if you have smaples or error coins that you do not like... you know where to sent them so they can find a warm hug!! :laughing: that's a joke... :)

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Good morning to all! :)


In one of my yesterday's post I mentioned coin for heart attack or stroke... and to have attached many laminated papers with info... in many languages... I was thinking... maybe the paper can be only in english and we can post translations in the coins page! ;)


anyway.... back in the cointest....


1) favorite coin..... when I started collecting I loved a coin I had seen! I actually posted in the wishing thread and... one of them was sent to me... I do not know from who... but I thank you so much!!!!


It was the morpho butterfly 2007 I think... in BN with blue wings... amazing coin!!!!

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It has been said (many times I’m sure) that these coins we collect are like pieces of art. So when an artist does one by hand, taking days, months to make them available to us, it really is a piece of art. Coins like Delft Blaauw, Clay Tiki coins and this one, a favorite;



Earth Turtle 2010 Petrogylph


I am glad I was one of the lucky ones to be able to order it, just like to thank all of the designers for their hard work, I’m glad you enjoy what you do because I sure appreciate it :)

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time for an other post!!! :D


and a coin that I adore!!! I really love is my sweet Tatanka coin!!!!! Tsun made it and it was a love from the first sight!!!

I have one, a brown/peach with peach heartline and and I adore it!!! maybe one day I will have them all! I will have a tatanka family!! :)

It was a gift from a great geocacher!!! thank you so much my friend!!! :D


it is a beautiful coin very simple and it is letting your immagination fly....


every time I am seeing this coin a scene from the Dancing with the wolfs movie is comming to my mind... Tatanka!!! Tatanka!!! :D


I love native american civilization, so...


TATANKA!!!!! :lol:

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My third and final post will address number 3: what type of coin I would like to see minted. (Man, I like rules!)


I would like to see a coin that depicts the genetic relationships between all organisms, like a "tree of life" kind of thing. This is very similar to a family tree that you might put together to trace your heritage, except it spans geologic time. It does occur to me that this is kind of boring to most people, but I think it could relate to geocaching and geocachers fairly easily. Most of us were introduced to geocaching by someone or something. For me, I saw an ad in Backpacker magazine for the Jeep TB contest, the green jeeps. That was in 2006, and that's when I found my first cache: while retrieving one of these green jeeps. A coin depicting how people are "related" to geocaching might be interesting. The relationships could include:

introduced by a friend

introduced by Jeep TBs

happened upon a cache by accident

downloaded an app

naturally geeky


These trees can be very simple:



These trees can look like a tree:



Recently, these trees have become VERY complex and circular:





In my humble opinion, the opportunities for translating this concept into a coin are endless!


Thanks for the cointest!

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Thanks for the Cointest.


I'll answer the easiest question first.


Theme. Personal coins trackable or not preferably round.

The main reason we had our coin made was so we could trade with other cachers who had or were panning to make personal coins.

We still have some left to trade for other personal coins.

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This is my all time favorite for releasing and giving away. It was designed by WriteShopRobert and is sold at Crakes. There is also a motorcycle version but most of the people I know ride bicycles so this is the one I always have some on hand. Everyone I have ever given one to loves the message and really enjoys owning this coin.


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I'm really enjoying this cointest. A number of my favorites have been posted by others and I've seen a couple I hadn't seen before - love it when that happens. That wishing coin always makes me wish for a wishing coin!

Penny and Kona's genetic relationship idea sounds really interesting to me and I liked GATOULIS' endangered species concept too.


Anyway, here's another of my favorite coins - got coords? I love this coin - beautiful art, numbers (I like 'em) and goecaching related. Can't get far without any coords. Plus, this one is extra special since it was a gift from a geocoin angel.


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