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COINTEST: Geocoin Interests


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Hi all!


I meant to do this ages ago, but it's been a little hectic around mi casa! There is a thread here that talks about what people coin collect around, and I thought I'd turn it into a cointest to encourage more people to participate. :D


Anyway, this is a cointest, random drawing done in one week (23 Mar 11) sometime after 9pm PDT (arggh I hate that D!) from any post on this thread that follows the guidelines below.


Please post ONE of the following:

1. Your favorite geocoin (with picture if you can!!)

2. What theme you collect around

3. What coin you wish someone would make


Only answer one of those per post. You can post once every 4 hours.


I reserve the right to change the rules because I always forget what I said I was going to do by the end of the cointest. ;)


This is what you're playing for:



This is the "santa cruz" version of the le chat rampant coin, only 7 were minted. They were meant as raffle prizes but due to snafus and ignorance on my part, only 2 of the 4 meant for raffles were given homes. This is one of the cointests that will be held to give away the remaining two meant for raffles. Another one will happen when I get a bit more time. :)


Thanks for playing!

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I tend to collect around what I would thinkyo be Philosophy. Philosophy literally means the "brotherly love of knowledge". Thus... Much of my collection is based around eiter gaining knew knowledge.... Or reaffirming the knowledge that I believe to be true. Also... Anything that I can relate to a meaningful place that I have visited.... And mystery coins! I have been quite fortunate to receive several mystery coins over the passed year. Anywho.... Thanks for the cointest!

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My collection contains State/Country coins that we have cached in and then coins that have things to do with geo caching...I love the Hides & Finds series of coins, the ammo can, peanut butter jar, that sort of thing.


Then of course there are the practical coins- the bottle opener and the fire starter come to mind.


My most prized are the Mystery coins, they get the best spot on the shelf!

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thank you anne for the cointest! :D


1) my favorite coin..... It has changed a couple of times too... I love my mystery coins, some coins that were gifted to me.. and the coins that I helped in the making... But my favorite coin... and this is not to look nice and good in your eyes... is the Lil'dreamer coin! Any version of it!! This coin really makes me go back in my child years... think all the dreams I had till now... dreams that stayed as dreams... and dreams that I managed to make them true...


The coin is giving strength to continue... to follow our heart, our dreams and never give up! and if sometimes we think... it is too late for us... to remind is that it is never too late!


the design is amazing and the message it is carrying too!!!


I adore this coin and... you know it! I adore the unique sample coin I have from you, but I love all the other versions I have from it! To tell you the truth... this coin would had been so great for a mystery coin..... :laughing:

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This is one of the first coins I ever received. It has always been a favorite and has always sat on my desk. LoriDarling created the coin as a way to say thank you to some people. The person I received it from sent it to say thank you to me.




Oh!!!! THis coin is sooooo cute!!!!!!!

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1. FAVORITE - The space shuttle coin by coinsandpins is a big favorite. Just about anything space related is a big deal with me.


2. THEMES - I have several themes. I collect the club coins, and they're always unique and different. When I had my own geocoin made, I traded for alot of other cacher's personals, and I like them all. And anything space related.


3. WISHLIST - Any kind of functional geocoin, like all the GCC January editions, the Planisphere, the Nocturnal, the Pocket Decoder, etc............


Did I say I like anything space related? This whole adventure started with the satellites, and like the old quote says, I like using billion-dollar space hardware to find tupperware in the woods.



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Oh my... that is one gorgeous kitty.


These are really hard questions!


3. What coin you wish someone would make.

I wish someone would make a really awesome coin with finishing the terrain/difficulty grid as the theme. I recently traded for a Cache Matrix (thanks drneal) and I love it! But, I think the theme is worthy of additional coins.

We set our sights on finishing the matrix after only about a half year of caching. At first I'd resisted it since I saw it as a meaningless numbers-focused exercise. But I gave in when a series I loved included a Challenge Cache that I couldn't log until I filled the matrix. Hrmph!!! So off we went. It turned out to be a really fun way to choose caches. It pushed us to try onees we otherwise would have skipped and go places we wouldn't have otherwise gone. We climbed trees, crawled on logs over streams, waded, worked on crazy puzzles, walked on water, ventured into beautiful swamps, stared at logs and bushes for hours looking for some tiny thing out of place, etc. To sum it up, we had a complete blast, rediscovered the kids inside us, learned we could do a lot more than we thought we could, got a lot of great exercise and enjoyed many hours out in nature. I guess it was just concentrated caching. So I'm now a fan of the T/D grid and would like a coin that somehow artistically reflects that quest.

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I am new to caching, so any coin that I get in my possession would be fantastic. If I were to go with a theme, it would probably be any cool looking (round) coin. My brother sent me a coin when he was in Iraq a while back, but its not a geocoin. It has the Indianapolis Colts horseshoe on the front, and the map of Iraq on the back. It reminds me of a geocoin.


I guess if I was to design a coin, it would have some sort of postal logo on the front with years of service, and on the other side would be the rank I held (Petty officer 3rd class) Navy . It would simply be a chevron with lightning bolts above it. The lightning bolts was a designation of the field I was in (Communications)


Thats it.

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First Thanks Anne for the cointesT.

My favorite coin .. glad we can pick every 4 hours but I'll start with this one


Just for the meaning behind it, it's such a good feel coin

As for collecting .. I'm a coin addict so I'm all over the place, love color, love glitter, really love 3D big heavy coins.

What coin do I wish someone make, ok that's harder to describe but it is the theme I wish everyone would think about making - Personal's and it doesn't have to have the caching name, take "Kathy's coin" "Wyken Wizard" oh I think I've just found my next favorite coin :D

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My favorite geocoin is the tree of life. I, sadly, don't own it though.


I typically (generally speaking) collect around anything nature related. I also really love shaped coins.


I'd love to see an Ohm (or anything Hindu) related geocoin. Apparently I can't read directions well. I'll answer the other two in a new post.

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time for my second post here.... and then I will go to bed! :D


2) hmm... what theme you colect ......


I do not have a special theme... I like the designs of some coins, I adore the message some are carrying....... or the theme they have without collecting all the coins of that specific theme....


I mean... there are some very cute designs... some have a special message to carry...


Ok, I like animal, and historic theme coins a lot!!! I hope one day to collect all with a theme about Greece and her history... and the Cypriot one... I am sure you know that even if Cyprus is a different country... we are very close together... Maybe I will collect all the greek coins and their versions.... they are nto many but...


an other thing I like is the strange shapes, the strange materials and the sizes or years! it will be nice to have coins made out of strange materials, a silver one (I do not think a god is out right?) and the biggest, the smallest, the oldest geocoin... but this is almost imposible... some are very rare, some are expensive...


Oh... and if I can... to have at least one of every country that geocaching exist and of course.. someone minted a coin! right now I have from Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Canada, Portugal, England, one that is comming to me and I hope it will not get stollen... from Belgium, I do not remember if I missed any...


Then... maybe to have at least one of every year! I have from 2006 until now (I have no idea about some of my travellers who are actually trying to come to me.... but most are stollen so... :( )... but I do not know a lot about older coins... what existed, in which years etc...


so.. as you can see... I am a little confused in what I am collecting.... :lol: Well... I am just a crazy collector!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Can I ask something??


In the favorite coins... we have to select from what we have or from all geocoins that exist?? I mean... is it ok to name a coin that we do not have but it is in one of our favorites?? Becasue I have some in my mind! :D


Doesn't matter if you own it or not. :)


Just interested in what people look for in coins, what they like, etc. Whatever you feel like mentioning is fine with me!

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A post that I made the other day makes me think of an awesome idea for a coin... "Where's Waldo" coin! How freakin' awesome would that be? I mean where's waldo and geocaching do have a bit in common. Both are about finding stuff.... both are about crowds (albeit caching is often about dodging the crowds).... both are a little geeky... etc.




A coin themed around "real" cartoons. I'm talking Roadrunner... marvin the martian... yosemite sam.... foghorn leghorn... Bugs... Daffy. You know... the real stuff that you can only get on the Boomerang channel now. Now that would make an awesome coin.... I know, I know. There are several copyright violations that would be risked/ royalties to be paid... but it would still be AWESOME!


or... (for those in future mode)


A coin that tracks itself in real-time... and will return like a boomerang to the owner with the push of a button.... heck give it a force field while you're at it... and the ability to grant 3 wishes.

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Now i'll try following the rules :)


I have barely begun collecting, only three coins in my collection currently (and one is travelling), but I am in love with any navigation geocoins. They have a certain art to them that is incredibly attractive to me. I especially like those that are completely functional and/or true to the real thing.

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My favourite coin - hhmmmm - difficult as I like so many of them. But I'd go with my very first - a 3Doxies - a gift from the 3Doxies and my VERY FIRST coin. Unfortunately I released it and it travelled extensively before it went missing in Virginia :(


I like collecting coins that are themed around the earth or environment (I love earthcaching) or AFRICA themed coins - but generally collect any.


I wish someone will make a coin from recycled solar panels (that crystalline matrix).

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What geocoin do I want to see made. I have lots of ideas. I guess the type I want to see made is the different kinds of jobs there are in the military. The ONE I want to see most made is a Military Police coin. I spent 6 years in the MP Corps and I see a lot of challenge coins from all the different kinds of commands in the Army. Even though I have been out of the Army for 27 years I still have lots of fond memories of the great people I worked with and all the places (mostly Germany) I visited.


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The theme I'm collecting around:


I'm trying hard to restrict my theme! Well, I've already reached a couple of themes, but I try to keep them very specific.


My major theme is animal coins with an artistic twist. I.e. carousel coins, Sea of Treasures, Li'l Dreamer, Geocaching animals, ZeeZee, Pax. I sense a Birdy and a Water Otter being added shortly. :)

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good morning to all! :D


1) Favorite geocoin......


Ok, a favorite geocoin that I do not have.... of course but it will always be a dream for me and... probably for all geocoiners is.... what else??? Moun10bike V1! :lol:


Actually my drean is to collect all the moun10bike geocoins etc! but of course..


Now... why this coin? Because this was the first coin of all! everything started from this one! It is a very very special coin, and I hope one day to meet moun10bike too! :) I had the honor to talk with him once via email! :) He knows that I became a geocacher because of a geocoin! (that is an other favorite coin that I will post in 4 hours.... :lol: )

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2) I have not yet a theme "only" the coins that I like :rolleyes:. These are for example

- geometric themes like compass roses

- celtic knotwork

- filigree coins like the tengwar coins

- coins with special meanings like lil'dreamer, carpe diem, imagine peace (oh I would love to get one of those :wub: )


In general I am trying to focus on the round ones but sometimes you have to break the rules :laughing:

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Nice cointest, Anne! I've been visiting and participating in these forums for over three years now, and at times I've forgotten how/why I ever became interested in geocoins. The first part of this cointest has reminded me of what I really like about coins.


My favorite coin is the Belted Kingfisher, which I believe is a personal coin by a geocaching team in Europe?


I was lucky enough to be offered one in response to a trade request, and thank goodness I had something worthy to trade for it!


This coin is my favorite because it has elements I appreciate:

- excellent detail in the metal part

- use of the scientific name for the species, even if it is in all caps

- breathtaking, without being flashy (this is my very biased opinion, of course)




PS: If anyone has any of these to trade, there were several metals minted and I would love to get my grubby fingers on more than one.

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This is a fun cointest. People's answers are interesting.


#3 again, before I forget to mention this.

Another coin I'd really like to see made... A trackable where the tracking is automatic or mandatory. My husband suggests a geocoin app for an iPhone but that's not a coin. Maybe the coin could be activated before it's originally sold. But then somehow make people WANT to log it. I don't know how to achieve that. Technology isn't up to putting a GPS, transmitter, processor, batteries... IN a coin, unfortunately.


I find it interesting that we all have these trsckable coins but many of us (most now?) never activate them. So their history isn't tracked. For instance, I bought some coins on e*** and they were shipped to me. Later I decided to trade them and put them in Mathtrade. I shipped them off. Soon afterward, I saw them on e*** again. This is over only a few months time. Who knows how many times these coins have traveled and where. I wish there was a way to turn the coin on and find out where it's been - as all trackables were originally intended. It's odd - we pay more for trackable coins that haven't been tracked but most people pass on non-trackable coins.

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I first mentioned that I love coins that are 3D well IMHO I think this maybe the best. I was lucky enough to get all 5 versions of this coin and the well the AE is outstanding and sits on my computer desk where I can see it, the Dragon Ladon myth is also a neat one. One of the reasons I’ve considered this the best is that even when you rotate the coin the dragon hugs the coin right around to the back and then comes back to the front. There are a lot of good looking 3D coins but their only one-sided not this one. I’d love to see more made like this one.



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