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COINTEST: Gotcha Day

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Mom told me I should have a cointest today because it is my Gotcha Day!! What is a Gotcha Day you’re asking I bet. Well she (LadyBee4T) tells me it’s the day she got me!! March 14, 2007


Here’s how it happened. My old dad took me to this VERY scary and noisy place. I think he was very sad to take me there. I didn’t much like it there either. The pound manager took pictures of me and said she would find me a new family soon. I didn’t know I needed a new one because my old one was fine with me. I had to sleep there but I really didn’t like that sleep over. Then a couple of days later I was taken out of the tiny cage and into a big room. That scared me too. There was a very nice man and a lady too there and they even had another dog with them. They were nice to me but no way was I going to jump in their laps right then even when they offered me delicious treats. I have heard it many times from my husisters not to take food from strangers. They got all excited and told me I was gorgeous. “Of course I am silly. I will be even more gorgeous when this stupid haircut grows back.” The worker took me back to that little scary cage while my soon to be new mom talked with the pound manager to negotiate my release. Soon I was in the car with them but I thought they might take me back to my home. It was a long ride and I was confused. She told the man driving that my old dad had put on the form that the reason he brought me there was because “My wife is an idiot” When I heard that I knew there was no going back there. Hey I’m a nice dog! Maybe my old mom really was smart because she knew someone else would love me better. It took me several days to learn the ropes at my new home. My new brother Rocky tried to teach me the bad dogs way but I guess I am too much a goody two paws. But I have my mom twisted around my little paws now because if I jump on her lap I know that very soon I can sleep right beside her right there on that couch


Now for the cointest. Mom told me to make some rules up for this so here they are


--I want to hear about your gotcha days and bad dog stories!

--You have to tell your story from your point of view not your human. If you need to know about that check out the site Bad Dog Chronicles. No humans allowed there without being accompanied by a dog! If the story is told from your human’s point of view I will not count it. I know they will have to give up some computer time to you so you can tell me all your stories. I bet they will be interested to hear your side of it!

--Since I’m a dog there are no cats allowed

--You can tell a story twice during a calendar day.

--Tell stories of stuff you have done. Good stuff, bad stuff and in between.

--Pictures are good because I like seeing all my bad dog buddies. You don’t have to post a picture though if you don’t want to.

--Cointest will run until Saturday March 19 at midnight my time EDT (We are already on daylight savings time)

--I wanted to choose the winner by the cheese method that Heineken and Logan used. Yummy!! But mom said I would eat it all too fast and she wouldn’t know the winner. She said she will use one of those thingys online that picks numbers for you. Darn it!! I was so hoping for some of that cheese she hogs for herself.

--Prize for the winner is a 10-10-10 Michigan coin.

--I probably forgot something and will have to add it but I'm sure mom will tell me all about it because moms are that way.


Ok all you dogs out there start writing!



Here I am the day after my gotcha day..




I almost forgot to say that mom and I may take a trip or two this week but will try to check in from time to time.

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I am taking over my Mommy's account to do this...shhh don't tell her I did that. My name is Serena and I belong to CCWashburn but it wasn't always that way. As a 3 week old puppy my mommy got sick and couldn't feed me anymore so a man took me to his apartment and bottle fed me so I was all right.A week and a half later the man died and I was all alone in the apartment and very scared. All kinds of people came to the apartment and I just hid, I was already eating some puppy chow but I was soo hungry for a bottle. I still stayed hidden until the next morning when it was quiet, I snuck out and checked to see if I had anything in my bowl, I was so hungry. These two people came in the door and saw me it was a man and woman. The woman came over and picked me up, she was real nice. She even noticed the bottle and formula on the counter and got me a bottle, then she took me outside to do my "business". Later I heard her calling on the phone to a place called an animal shelter, I heard her say to the man that they only keep animals 24 hours than they put them to sleep. I did not like the tone in her voice when she said that and I went and hid again. She came and found me and told me I was going to live with her and the man. She was good to me and made sure I had another bottle and some food and we got in the big car(I know now it is called a van)and she put me in a small box next to her seat and I fell asleep. Every time we would stop she would wake me up to do "business" and see if I wanted some water or the puppy chow. At some point she and the man were discussing what to name me it was a choice between Shylee and Serena, mommy says because I was more serene than shy I got named Serena. They brought me to my new home after we stopped and saw my brother and sister who were doing well also. I am now 10 years old and what a life I have led. Mommy is no longer with that man, he wasn't nice to her or me. I am still with mommy and she takes care of me every day. I even get to sleep on the bed with her!!



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Well I just have to chase those things so I chased them out of my cointest!!!


Sorry to stir you up GoodGollyMissMolly, your owner is probably not happy with me right now, but when I saw the cointest, as a cat household I just could not resist. :laughing:

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Well I just have to chase those things so I chased them out of my cointest!!!


Sorry to stir you up GoodGollyMissMolly, your owner is probably not happy with me right now, but when I saw the cointest, as a cat household I just could not resist. :laughing:


Nope mom likes you!! :laughing: It's just the cats. One of my hu-bros is very allergic to them

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I talk, mommie types. (this no thumbs thing has got to change).


My name is Luna, and i'm only 7 months old. I started out my life as a well-bred Great Pyrenees, until my breeder realized that I was half blind. I was then 'set free' to make a life for my own. After a few weeks I was found by a little farm boy who decided he wanted to keep me. He brought me home and his parents were very upset. They decided they couldn't set me free, so kept me in the garage instead. I didn't have a bed, and I wasn't allowed outside. They put a collar on me and basically forgot about me except for feeding me once a day. My water was a frozen block of ice, and i was always wet cold and dirty as I was on a concrete floor. The man was very mean to me and hit me, and all the lady did was yell at me and scare me. The little farm boy stayed away from me from then on.


Then one day about 2 months later, I heard the farm boy talking about how they posted an ad online for me to go someplace new. That night, the family left, and a few minutes later this young couple came to the garage door. I had to let them know this is MY GARAGE so i barked my head off! They read the note on the door that said 'Dog in Garage take her if you want her', and then came in. I was scared at first because every other human I've known has hurt me, so I hid in the corner (still barking of course). They were very patient with me, and the lady even sat on the floor calling me over. Just as I was getting the confidence to go near her the family came home. They came in the garage and talked with the young couple, and yelled at me for barking. I heard the young couple say they would take me, so the mean lady grabbed my food and came at me. She grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and dragged me across the floor. The new young lady came up and stopped her, and picked me up nicely. They brought me outside and put me in the back of a Jeep and we drove away. All the way along the drive i was shaking because i was so scared. I could hear the young couple playfully bickering about names. The man wanted to call me 'Tundra' and the lady wanted to call me 'Luna'. We all know how that turned out.


We stopped in front of a store. The lady ran and got a cart because puppies aren't allowed in the store without being on a leash. So, the man put me in the cart and as soon as they moved the cart I was so scared i jumped out and ran. The man chased after me and caught me. He carried me to the door where one of the store ladies had an extra leash for us. When they went to put the leash on, they saw my collar. It was rusted shut and matted to my fur. Our first stop was into the grooming centre for them to cut the collar off of me. I was so scared I was shivering.


After that was done I got to pick out toys, a bed, even my own leash and collar!! That made me so happy and everyone came up and petted me. I had never felt that before and I loved it so much.


When we got home they carried me to the back gate and put me down to go inside. That's where I met my sister, Dakota! I was very scared at first but now we play and have fun all the time. I'm so grateful for my new family and am so happy now with my big bed and my toys and treats and we even get to go to the puppy dog park!





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Oh boy... a cointest that I can ot participate!!! :surprise::(


Well... not all cats and dogs are bad! :D I know a story, a true one but.. ;)


BTW... even if I am a cat.. I find you beautiful!! :D if I was a dog.... I would chase you... ;) but now... I am the one who has to run!!! Catch me if you can! :laughing:


edit to say.... Happy Gotcha day!!! :D This day is a second birthday! so my best wishes!!

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Geez...don't any of you other pooches have your own geocaching account?


My gotcha day was way back in Jan. 2006 (is that Jan. 1442 in dog years?) I went by the name of Seven back then (darn trekkies!) Not that I have a problem with Jeri Ryan...bow WOW, but Seven is a girl's name... I would have rather had a masculine name like spock, odo, or better yet, bones, but no, it had to be Seven...anyway, I digress.


I met my soon to be brother Logan, and drneal for the first time in a rest area just outside of Harrisburg. I had been staying at a foster home, thanks to the efforts of the New Jersey Schnauzer Network, and because I was very shy (just like drneal,) I needed to find a quiet home...Logan and drneal were looking for a quiet mini schnauzer to keep them both company...with the help of the Elk County Humane Society (usually, there was a house inspection, and a meeting with the adoption committee before they let someone adopt a puppy dog,) I was able to go to my forever home that very day!


My first night at my new home, while drneal was busy finishing up some paperwork, drneal caught me chasing Logan up the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Drneal was afraid that since Logan was a smaller schnauzer, and i was a little big for a schnauzer (hey, I'm big boned!), I might be bullying Logan. But before he could get up out of his chair, Logan was chasing me back the opposite direction...what a fun game. We were best friends from that day on.


I was renamed Heineken about 1 week later. You might think it was because drneal was a big fan of the beer, but noooooo! drneal has a strange sense of humor, and enjoyed the thought of telling people to go ahead and pet his heine, taking his heine to the groomer for a quick trim, and telling people to pucker up and........well, you get the idea.


I'm a geocaching dog, and even got my picture on a geocoin...



I wanted to include what was to be my last picture with my brother, Logan. It was taken at a sculpture park in NY, and points the way to a geocache...we all found it together!



I now have a brother Maxx (2themaxx) who also plays with me, and gives me someone warm to snuggle up against, on cold winter nights.


Thanks for the cointest, but please don't consider this an entry...it's just the tail of the dog!


Happiness is a warm puppy.

-- Charles M. Schulz

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In the immortal words of Sassy (the cat from the movie Homeward Bound)








Just kidding.... I wish I had a good dog 'gotcha' story to add here but unfortunately I do not...


Great idea for a cointest, and I will be watching so I can read all the good stories...

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That is the cutest cointest! You doggies seem very charming, you make me wish I had one. Thanks for the cointest and thanks for sharing your stories.


Edit: I guess bears aren't allowed to enter...? :laughing:


Greetings from Fikse - chewing on mamoreb's keyboard while she's having her human lunch. Yes, that is me in the profile image, my humans say my picture is way more charming than theirs.

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Remember I want to hear about your gotcha days and also lots of other stories so you can post twice a day!!


Here is a story I posted on the Bad Dog Chronicles



My mom just loves Mountain Dew. One day after she had fed us dinner she went to use the computer. She had left her can on the end table in the family room. When she came back she saw that can was nearly shredded to pieces and she started to freak out when she realized that some of it must have been eaten. She didn't find many little pieces around at all. She checked our mouths for blood but nothing so then called the vet. She told mom to give us soft bread and stuff like that. Mom's day old bread even tasted good. Mom then went on poop patrol and checked after all three of us. She really loved it!! Hee Hee. After a week or so she decided it wasn't coming through and stopped the patrol. Riley (springer), Layla (springer) and I didn't like that we no longer were getting the bread so mom found another shredded can. You would think she had learned her lesson the first time but Noooo! To her credit though she had no idea where we found it. Poop patrol again for mom.


I get blamed for everything almost and Mom of course thinks I am the bad one this time too. I like to get into the garbage and she did find a tootsie roll wrapper and the entire stick that I produced when she was on the patrol. I have been saying we here because mom doesn't know which one of us did it and I'm not telling. (giggle) All I will say is that it's not me!! But hey a doggie has to do the Dew do right?!!!

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Hi there everybody Rocky here. I am the "other" dog that Molly talked about in her first post. I thought I would tell you guys about one of my stories when I was just a pup!



Hi all you baddogs. I'm Rocky a 5 month old fun loving Sheltie mix. My Dad told me I would be staying for 5 days with his girlfriend (my Mom) and I went like Yipee!! You see she has 2 dogs--Pepper a Sheltie like me but he doesn't like me much and Abbey a young English Springer Spaniel who is my best friend.


When I got to Mom's house I inaugurated it by pooping and peeing in the kitchen. She loved that. That night she put me in the bathroom of all places. I decided it needed redecorating and started chewing and pulling down the wallpaper. I shredded a whole roll of toilet paper and found 2 whole boxes of kleenex. Well, I'll leave it to your imagination as to what it looked like when I was through especially after I pooped again! The next day when Dad called to check up on me she found out I had chewed the telephone cord in two and couldn't answer the phone. I then worked on her favorite leather slippers and tasted her outdoor boots. Abbey and I have had a blast running and playing tug of war. I think Mom needs a time out though! I still have 2 more days here and I wonder what more I can find to do. I can't wait to come back here again!


Mom (LadyBee4T) can't find a picture of me when I was that little but I can tell you I was one handsome guy and I still am. Here's a recent one of me.





I'm not in the running for the cointest but I just wanted to say woof woof and tell you guys about me. Hey I even want to hear the stories. Remember twice per day and I think we all will be howling with delight. Now I think we are off to grandma's house.


PS Gatoulis----Mom says she like to smile so you are allowed to post a joke or two!!

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Hi all, Serena here again, I want to tell you all don't chew on electrical cords. I was 5 months old and I was a chewer, I chewed on everything, socks, shoes, cords. One evening I was sitting next to mom and chewing on a rawhide she had given me. I got bored with that and started chewing on the electric cord to the lamp next to mommy. Suddenly it was like it grabbed me, I could not let go and it hurt. Mommy felt me jerking next to her and looked down and saw the cord. She is smart and as fast as she could she unplugged the cord. I went and hid yipping in pain all the way. Mom came and coaxed me out of my hiding place, petted me and looked in my mouth to make sure I was not badly hurt. I was very scared and had a little burn in my mouth. Mom determined, by calling the vet, that I would be ok.

I NEVER touched another cord after that, and I started chewing only the toys and rawhides mommy gave me. It was a hard lesson to learn.

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The spirit of Fuzzie Bear here ...


I was an active little chap. My humans left me home by myself a lot. They called it work, and they would be gone for hours, and I was bored. So I started making some lists. I had to do something! Here is a list from one of those days:


1.) Unroll toilet paper from the roll. Drag it throughout the house.

< Note: the humans started putting it on the roll backwards after this, then it didn't unroll so well anymore :( >

2.) Upset that planter. It's too tall for indoor plumbing, I don't even know why it is here. It really doesn't even taste good.

3.) Check all trash cans. Always make sure any trash cans are on their sides, there is great stuff in there sometimes. Used tissues are fun and tasty too.

4.) Jump in the laundry basket. Get out anything particularly personal or smelly. Undies are a favorite, sometimes I wear them on my head.

5.) Chew up that cross stitch thing. I don't know why mom does it, and I can't sit on her lap when she does. I'll get rid of it.

6.) Look on the end table for money, and if found, eat it. No, not the coins, the paper stuff. The bigger the numbers, the better.

7.) Jump on counter. Sometimes food gets left there.

< One time I ate a bag of something called 'Chocolate chips'. They tasted good, but boy was I sick later. >

< Another time I chewed into a bottle of something called Tylenol. That one got me a trip to the vet, a lot of sick, and a bath. >

< The Oreos were better than the chocolate chips. Still tasted good, lots of energy, and not sick. >

8.) Boy, I'm tired now. Take a litte nap in the laundry basket.

9.) Hmmm. Maybe the bed is more comfortable.

10.) Hey, I hear something ... lets see what is going on ... oh, that's mom's voice, but she isn't really here. She sounds upset - something about her car not working.

11.) Ummm, I'm having some trouble here. The cover on the bed seems attached to me somehow, and I can't really walk because it keeps getting wrapped under my feet, and dragging it is heavy (Hey, I only weigh 12 lbs). I made it to the living room ... I need to rest now.

12.) Yeah dad is here!! But he looks wrong. He doesn't want to play with me. But he at least got me unstuck from the blanket. Well, ok, we can take a nap instead.

13.) Oh, there's mom's voice again --- no she still is not really here. Her car is still stuck, and she is mad cause dad didn't come help her fix it right away. Me, me -- take me with you!! I'll make mom happy again!

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2themaxx checking in!


My gotcha day was Jan.1, 2010...usually the shelter I was living at doesn't allow adoptions on holidays, but they trust drneal, and let me go home with him and Heineken.


My life didn't start out so well...I was one of 5 dogs in the family, along with some catz, and a bird. I was often forgotten, and left to fend for myself. By the time the shelter came to rescue me, I had pulled out any of my hair that I could sink my teeth into...it was the only way I could get rid of the fleas that were biting me, and stop some of the itching. After a good flea dip, and some proper care, the people at the Elk County Humane Society got rid of all of the bugs, so my hair could grow back in. If you look at the picture below, you'll see that by the time drneal and Heineken adopted me, all my hair grown back in, except for the hair at the very tip of my tail (and that's back now too!)



I first met drneal when he was out checking on a geocache he had set up at the humane shelter...he had gotten a message that the geocache had been stolen (it wasn't really stolen, drneal likes to make his geocaches just a little different from most, and the person that sent him the message, thought it was gone.) Anyway, while drneal was checking on the geocache, I heard him from inside the shelter...they let the dogs and cats that they are taking care of take turns being loose in the main office. I jumped up onto a chair beside the window (quite a feat with dachshund legs,) to see who was outside. drneal saw my face, and thinking I was a schauzer (i'm actually a schnoxie!) came in to see me. We met, and he immediately drove home to get Heineken, so we could meet. Heineken was very shy, but we seemed to get along okay. drneal arranged to pick me up New Year's day (that way we had a long weekend to get acquainted...it was a Friday, so that gave us an extra day.) On Monday, he made the adoption permanent, and I had my forever home.


I like being spoiled, and playing with Heineken, and sleeping with drneal and Heineken on the bed at night. Sometimes we go places in his house on wheels...I didn't like that at first, but now I'm used to it. Mostly I like chillin on the couch!



As my brother Heineken said in his post, this really isn't intended to be a cointest entry...and that's the long and the short of it!

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I’m stealing my mom, Eseurat, account while she is at work. I wish she would setup my own account, so I could log the caches that we go to….silly mom. Anyways, I remember not always living with my mom. I originally lived with this young couple and a few children who took care of my mom, dad and my seven siblings. One day we noticed people coming to play with us, all of us, and occasionally one of us would be packed off into the house where the family lived to never be seen again. At this point I started to get scared. Slowly, one by one of my siblings was disappearing until it was me and one of my brothers left. The last day I remember the family they told me that we were going for a “ride,” but I was young (only 9 weeks old) and didn’t know what they meant, they have never spoken of this “ride” thing before. We went for a “ride” to a gas station, which seemed to take forever, but in fact was just down the road. Apparently, one of the humans worked there, so I thought we came to visit her, but this was not the case. We sat in the car for awhile until this one particular lady pulled in next us. She got out and so did the guy that was driving us, they met and talked for a brief moment and then he came and picked me up out of the back seat. Once she saw me, she declared, “He’s adorable!!! I’ll take the lil’ guy!” At that point the family that took care of me came around and hugged me and said goodbye. I had no idea what was going on, but soon I was placed in a new car, but now I had my own box with tons of blankets and a soft thing that squeaked! We didn’t drive long until we reached a place that was called an “apartment.” She got out of the car and came around to pick me up and we both went to this door where she knocked. She told me that we would be staying with her best friend for a few days, since she lived three hours away. We stayed two days with her best friend…I had tons of fun! We played when I was awake, they fed me, took me outside and he, “The Giant” even packed me around this place that is every animals dream. This place had everything from food to toys….it was heaven. Well, one evening my mom started packing our things and taking them to her car. The giant gave me a tussle on the head, while he said goodbye to my new mom, and then we were off. This was one of the longest rides I’ve had in my life!! For the next three hours my mom would occasionally stop the car to let me get out to sniff bushes, eat and drink, but in between stops I would usually nap (see picture below). When we finally reached my new home I was greeted with tons of barking and a lady who turned out to be my grandma, but I was so tired from such a long journey that I wasn’t really social. The next few days were overwhelming; I discovered I had two elder dogs to play with and a huge backyard to discover. Well, now I’m almost one year old, human years anyways, and I love my family! My mom takes me caching whenever she can, my grandparents take me for long hikes on the weekend, and I have two elder dogs to annoy and drool on. Life is fantastic and I’m so grateful for my “Gotcha Day.”




Thanks GoodGollyMissMolly for this fantastic Cointest:)

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Hello, I'm taking over for my family on this one to. My name's Mika and I'm a papillion (I'm just a smaller person because I'm part of the family). I'm now 12 years old. When I was born my birth mom's owner liked me so much that she wanted to keep me. The problem is that every day she would go away to work and leave me in a kennel. I didn't like being alone. I love being with people. So one day, my old mom decided that I was special and that I needed a family that could spend a lot of time with me. My new family came from a long ways away to pick me up. I didn't know where I was going and I got really stressed out. When they brought me home they introduced me to my new sister, Monet. My first bad dog time came only a couple weeks later. My new family put me in a tall cage with a piece of cardboard on top (so my sister and I wouldn't get mad at each other since we had just met). I didn't like being in a cage all alone again so I decided to get out. When my new family got home I was out of my four foot high cage and the cardboard was still on top. They were really confused.I have grown to love my new family. They let me play with really nice toys and always spend time with me. They also give me cheese (which is one of my favorite people foods, yet they seem to eat most of it themselves also). My family is also nice to me when they bring me on walks. Sometimes they even bring me to one of those geocache thingies. I don't really know what a geocache is, but I know it gets me a free ride from my new mommy because she doesn't want burs in my hair. I also really like playing with the nice animals that come into my cage outside. There is rabbits, snakes (non-poisonous), mice, and a lot of other critters. The animals don't seem to like me, because they all run away. That is all I can type for now since I don't have opposable thumbs.

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My name is Koda, and I want to tell you about my best adventure ever!


It was a beautiful summer day and I was camping with my bestest friend Dallas (he's another husky my age). Mommy and Daddy said that we were all going down to the beach! Oh what fun!!! I love to swim! So, they brought me on my leash and we walked all the way down to the beach, and when we got close, Mommy decided to let me go. They have been teaching me how to be a good girl off leash, and i really do try my best. Dallas was off his leash too. We ran and played and swam and wrestled and had oh so much fun while Mommy and Daddy and all their friends played in the water. When they came back, Mommy's sister wanted to walk down the beach while everyone else layed in the sun. Me and Dallas decided we would go with her. She wasn't paying much attention to us, and so we were just having fun trotting down the beach. Then, something moved up the hill in the forest. Dallas darted towards it and I followed too. We ran and ran and ran. The thing we were chasing was long gone but we were having so much fun exploring the forest all by ourselves. We didn't even realize that hours had gone by until it was starting to get dark. Then out in the distance I heard Mommy, Daddy, and all the other people calling for me and Dallas. We got real excited because we were so hungry so we ran and ran and ran until they finally found us at the beach again. They were so happy, and Mommy hugged me for a really long time. We had so much fun, but needless to say I haven't been off leash since... <_<



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My gotcha day was Wed., February 8th 2006, but my story starts just a little bit before that, on the day I was born, January 7th. I was one of ten littermates whose mommy was a pitbull and daddy was a lab from down the street. I don't remember much of that first day except for mommy's warm tongue cleaning me and being hungry, I could smell food but it wasn't easy getting past my brothers and sisters to eat. I did ok, though and got stronger as the days went by.

Shortly after my eyes opened to the world around me, I was able to explore some and noticed the big animals, much bigger than mommy. They would pick me up and make sounds like they were happy.

One day, when I was almost 3 weeks old, two new, big animals came to visit me, a male and a female. They stood back a bit and the male pointed towards me and said “that one, with the white patch on it's head.” then they picked me up and talked to me and made nice sounds. I didn't see those animals, people I think was the word I heard them called, for awhile. But my littermates and I were growing and exploring and yipping and yapping. I tried to get some of them to quiet down, but they yipped all the time. Soon the people we saw all the time started to make loud noises towards us if we yipped when it was dark.

Those 2 peoples that I saw that one day were back. They rubbed a towel all over mommy and wrapped me up in it and took me away from mommy, my littermates and the loud peoples. They took me to get a necklace with my name on it and some fun toys to play with. I heard peoples saying how cute I am and wanting to know how old I was. I was getting tired so the male peoples held me close to his fuzzy chin. I was scared, but he kept me warm until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a different place, with a big metal countertop and a people that smelled something like mommy did. I heard the two peoples say “ Hi Doc, this is Wedge!” and they explained to the doc that they had gotten a call to come pick up your dog, they're driving me crazy and keeping me awake. The doc picked me up and looked at me and said “Wedge, you're not a puppy you're a fetus!” the Doc did say that I looked healthy though.

When the peoples got to their home , they gave me some soft food and milk and lay me down in a box with the towel that smelled like mommy and something that made a regular noise like mommy did but not quite the same. I tried to be quiet through the night, but I missed mommy and I cried. These peoples didn't make loud noises when I cried though, they just picked me up and held me.

Soon I felt comfortable and knew I would get food and have a warm place to rest and I started to explore. That's when I met, who I think of as Dad, a rag doll cat named Bernie. He would play with me and show me how to bat at balls and chase each other and we would nap together and keep each other warm and safe.

One day we went to a big building where there were other dogs and Doc, the peoples that smelled like mommy, was there too. I found out that this was puppy school, where I would learn how to make my two peoples smile, when I did what I was told. I would get treats too, I LIKE TREATS! And I liked making my peoples happy with me.

That was my gotcha day and I'm very happy I was got by two loving peoples who care for me. I now have my Dad Bernie, a little cat friend named Gitchie and a chocolate lab named Nestle that all live with me and we play and nap together. I have a pretty good life but I did find out none of my littermates lived past 2 years old. Two were hit by cars, but most of them “disappeared” which means something very different when you're a pitbull mix. I know because someone tried to grab me and I heard the peoples talking about what people who grab puppies like me do. I was really happy to have my new family, where we all take care of each other.


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Another Gotcha Day for Koda!


Mommy and Daddy took me camping early in the season to The Pinery. We were all enjoying the warm sun along the beaches, and played all day on the sand dunes. When we got back to the campsite Daddy started cooking supper. Mmm hot dogs and cheesies.. my favorite smell! After eating Mommy and Daddy sat by the fire talking, and I kept a lookout. Mommy had a headache, so they decided to go lay down in the tent while I kept guard. Then, something moved. Slowly i got up as to not scare it. Then it moved again! It was going for the picnic table! I barked! "MOMMY! DADDY!" and the raccoon jumped up on the table and went elbow deep into Daddy's cheesies. I barked again, but mommy and daddy had me tied to a tree so i couldn't get it. Finally Daddy got out of the tent and ran at the raccoon while mommy untied me. I bolted for it, but it was too fast. The raccoon grabbed Daddy's cheesies and ran! Daddy ran after it yelling something about 'that dumb thing stole my cheetos!' When we caught up with the raccoon he was in the woods eating the cheetos. When I growled it dropped the cheetos and ran. I was so proud to get the cheetos back for Daddy! We walked back to the campsite with the prize in hand where mommy was waiting for us. Daddy must of been happy with me cause I got to eat a hot dog too! Weird though, he didn't eat any more cheetos.

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[From Mom: This cointest is such a cute idea, I had to enter! Well, get Mishka to enter.. handing the keyboard over now!]


My name is Mishka! I was born in Russia to a breeder, and as a puppy I went to a family that lived in Poland. When I was 6 months old, I got put into a crate, went on a long flight, and then put into a kennel and my parents left me for a very long time. :( They eventually came back and we moved to Reno! It was much warmer there which I didn't really like as much, but my mommy loved me so I made do. Over time, my mom and dad started fighting more and more. Eventually mom moved out and I was left with dad who didn't like me as much. One day he drove me out to the desert and gave me to a woman who was nice and reminded me of mom although she spoke a different language. Once there I was put into a big fenced area near lots of other dogs that looked kinda like me. That was when I was 5 years old.


The dogs next to me seemed to think they were cool stuff, so I decided to dig my way over to their fenced area to show them a thing or two! While digging I kept getting zaps from some wire thing that was around the bottom of my fence, but I just ignored them! Once I got into the other fenced area, I ended up making friends with the dog next to me. When the people found me, they decided to let me stay with him, which was fun!


It's good I had my buddy, because I was in this fenced area for 9 months. :( I missed being indoors all the time, and I missed being next to my mom. One day, after a lot of rain, a couple showed up with the woman who had taken me in. She let them into our fenced area. The girl immediately started talking to me, petting me and giving me lots of love. I liked her a lot! She even knew a few words in Russian and Polish which perked me right up! She ran around with me while the guy talked to the woman. After 30 minutes of lotsa love, they left again which made me very sad.


The next day though, they showed up again!! That was the 31st of January, 2010. It was right before my 6th birthday, and they said for my birthday they were going to take me home!! I was so excited, that I knocked the girl over when I ran ahead of her on my leash. Oops. She has forgiven me since... We got in their car (OH YAY I LOVE CARS!!) and we drove for HOURSSSsssss. But finally, I got to see my new home!


I'm so happy I came to this home! I get to stay inside, and sleep on the couch, and I go for walks twice a day, and car rides whenever I can convince mom to take me!


We just celebrated my one year gotcha day, and it feels like I've lived here my whole life. :)


Coming home from Reno!



Getting to coastal California!



Meeting the neighors...they left their van door open! Did I mention I LIKE CARS?


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Our names are Dakota and Jake. We are brother and sister. We are around 4 months old. Our mother was a border collie and daddy was a rottweiler. We are beautiful-atleast that is what our new family keeps telling us. In February of this year our new family came and broke us out of jail. They told us that we were going to a new home to help a 16 year old get through some tough times. We didnt really listen very well but were excited just because that jail place was terrible and stinky. Come to find out-it is a big family with lots of girls. My sister Dakota was excited but I thought "OMG" too many girls....and there was a scary little girl they call Sami that is the same size as us. Yikes.... at first we were very nervous and thought we should run away.. but then I got to meet my special 16 year old girl and my heart melted and so did my sisters. Her name is Bek and I guess she was very sad in December and tried to hurt herself. I really cant understand why she is so sad because I think she is amazing and so does everyone else. She rubs our belly, feeds us, walks us and last week took my sister Dakota GeoCacheing with friends. I didnt mind because I got to stay home with the only other male that lives in this house and he teaches me tricks and gives me treats when no one is around. Sometimes I know the lady that all the girls call mommy gets sad and nervous about Bek. Sometimes she cries and tells me that she wants me to keep an eye on her and give her lots of love. Sometimes I think that lady they call mommy really likes it when me and my sister cuddle next to her and try to lick her tears away. It works alot of times and she ends up playing with us and laughing. Me and my sister Dakota talked before I wrote this for you and we realized that we love our new home and we know that we have a special job. In our new home we help everyone laugh, smile and love to lick the tears away. We even love that little thing that runs around and chases us.....she is funny. The daddy in this house keeps saying that when he is away at the fire department for a couple of days our job is to watch everyone and give lots of love. So thats what we do...at times it takes alot of energy and then at times everyone has a good day... We love our new home and we know that we help Bek remember how special she is and cuddle her on the days that she forgets. With puppy love, Jake PS... the reason we decided to enter the cointest is because Bek and her mommy started geocache about the time they brought us home. It is their way to spend time together and they both really love it...but they keep saying they havent found a coin yet????? we really dont know what that means but we do know that we will do anything for our Bek to make her happy so we thought we would try to get her her first coin and maybe her mommy too....thanks for listening but I had a tough day and need to get some rest. I am just a puppy and have to get up early to make sure Bek gets off to school in time!

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Hi, my name's Maggie but my Mom usually calls me Mag. Or Magpie. Or sometimes - Maggot!?!

My Gotcha Day is Feb 26 and Mom and Dad picked that for my Birthday too!

They imagine I was born under a porch somewhere, but I'm not telling.


Anyway, I got myself a family. It was good and bad. I loved them, especially the kids, but things didn't go well. I would be having an absolute BLAST playing with them or doing my own thing and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they would turn on me. I would get really scared and I'd pee to let them know I meant no harm but that just sent them over the edge. I loved people more than anything but they were unpredictable and very scary sometimes. Enough said.


They took me to a "shelter" and left me there. I was very scared. They operated on me. After a long time, a lady came to visit me. She said I was a Border Collie and that play biting and herding children are typical for the breed. We did a few things together and I tried my hardest to impress her. She said I was a GOOD DOG!!! She took me away from that lonely, cold place and told me I would be "fostered". Hmmm.


I went to live with a lady, her daughter, and another Border Collie. They were good to me and they tried patiently to teach me stuff they said I needed to know… Why did no one explain anything to me before??? The other dog wasn't interested in me and wouldn't play… it was obsessed with tennis balls. It was OK there but they didn't have a lot of time for me. I was there for four months. They were trying to find a forever home for me and I even had my own page on the internet. But noone came to visit me - not even once. (Mom tells me now that my pictures were not cute enough!?!?)


Finally one day, we went to a farm and visited the lady who had rescued me from the shelter. A couple drove up and I could see they were very interested in me. They were super nice and I sucked up big-time, especially to the man. I leaned on his leg as if I needed him more than anything in the world and peed to let him know I was small and no trouble. It went really well I thought. I could see that I'd be able to wrap him right around my paw! The lady was saying something that didn't sound too complimentary about my looks and that she was worried about my "conformation" and whether I should be jumping. (Crazy - I love to jump!) But she said their dog Lila was sad and really needed a new friend. Her best friend had died a couple years earlier. Then I noticed there was a dog in the back of their car! They let her out. She was big and brown. Lila and I cautiously checked each other out... which took approximately 10 seconds. As the lady was explaining that Lila *never* makes friends instantly, Lila and I took off. We were in heaven!, overjoyed at FINALLY finding each other! We ran, ran, ran and we play, play played! It was a BLAST!!! The lady couldn't believe it. We were there a long time and it was great.


The next day turned out to be my Gotcha Day!!! It was kinda scary but I was excited anyway and happy. Since then, it's been great. Mom, Dad and Lila have taught me so much stuff - actually even a little more than I thought I needed to know. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me train them (well, except for a few things!) but learning is fun and now I can really impress them, which is the best. It makes me WIGGLE ALL OVER when they tell me what a GOOD DOG I am!!! Plus I've learned I don't have to be afraid - that I can be confident. They love me and I love them. I've been here for 5 years. Here's a picture of me on my Gotcha Day - I was just a squirt, 1 yr old.


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My mommy told me I should tell you about one of my "Bad Dog Days," even though she wasn't mad at me, just worried, I think. Anyways, a few weekends ago I got to wear a dog halo, as you can see in the picture below. Well, I was out playing with one of my best pals, Pumpkin the calico kitten, and she likes to explore the garage and get into very tight spaces to tease me. This particular time she decided to go under mommy's parked snowmobile. Being the adventurous boy that I am, I followed, but apparently I was too big and got caught. I panicked and before my grandparents could come help me I got myself free, but ripped a portion of my skin off. It hurt a lot, but mommy knew exactly what to do. She already had blankets in the truck for me to lay on, so she picked me up and placed me in the front seat of the pick-up and drove me to the emergency room. So, three hours later, surgery and four inches of stitches later I was back home sleeping it off with a lame dog halo on. Since I couldn't get my dog halo through the dog house door, mommy let me sleep in the house the next four night. I was kinda excited about this, since it wasn't since a was a young puppy that I got to do this. The first day of the accident I was pretty groggy the rest of the day and didn't do much other than sleep and eat. The picture shown was taken on the second day after my accident, by this time, as you can see, I want to go outside and play with my two elder dog siblings, Buddy and Zoey. I believe Buddy was going for his walk, so that is why I'm looking longingly outside. The next few days grandma took care of me while mom was at work and we went and fed the birds, visited my friends, Miss Kitty and Pumpkin and took lots of walks, but when mom got home it was back in the house I went....*sigh* Day five was great though...it was my release from the house. I got to sleep in my own bed and best of all no dog halo at night...woo hoo!! As of now I feel great. I get to bounce over the remaining snow mounds, play with the cats again and take my daily walks with Buddy. Life is grand, plus now I have a gnarly scar to show off to all the girls.



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We're back from our trip now and I'm so glad to hear the great gotcha day stories! We need more baddog stories too. :P My hu bro's dog is very sick right now but he wanted to come her too. I asked mom if I could tell the story for him and she said if chili had told me it was ok for me to tell all you dogs out there. This story happened a long time before I came to my furever home.



Hi everyone, Chili here but my Grandma (LadyBee4T) calls me Chilidawg. I'm a beautiful, fun-loving black lab if I do say so myself. I want to tell you about the time my Dad took me to Grandma's for the weekend. She has an old Sheltie named Pepper but he just jumped on the couch when I came near so the playing was left up to her. I know where the toy basket is at her house and she has a great selection of stuffed animals. I picked one out for myself--a nice big bear just the right size for my mouth. It must have looked good because all she could say was Oh No Chilidawg. Well that first day we went through most of the toys in the basket--boy that old lady can play! We played tug of war, play with the sock, squeaky toy time and my favorite--fetch. She decided to lie down on the big bed but I was still having a great time. I decided to play tug of war with the covers near her feet to get her going again and boy did I ever. She started yelling Chilidawg it's 3 am (whatever that means) and then LAY DOWN. Well I know what that means but I didn't think she actually meant it. I stopped and looked her straight in the eye worried a bit, but then decided she didn't really mean it. I went back to tug of war with the blankets but I couldn't get her to join in. I finally heard that strange sound that humans call snoring and realized I had lost my playmate for awhile. I settled down to wait for her and after awhile that buzzer thing went off and she was up again. Back to the toy basket!! Later in the day I found her laying on the couch with her back towards me so I went over and hit her on her fanny with my bear a few times. It didn't get her up but she had a great pile of pillows near her head so I climbed up on those. They were pretty comfy so I thought I'd take a little snooze myself. She woke up and started to laugh realizing that I was sleeping on a pillow on top of her head. She said something about a Kodak moment but there isn't anyone named Kodak here. Anyway we played a lot more and when my Dad came to get me, he actually told Grandma that she played too much with me. Now I ask you, how can anyone play too much?

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Luna here!


I wanted to tell you the story about my first ever trip to the puppy park!


Mommy and Daddy didn't say where we were going when they got out our leashes and took us out to the new truck. We didn't have to drive very far but me and Koda did our best to be good girls while waiting for the traffic. When we pulled up I saw all the other big dogs that I was going to meet. We got out and it was really muddy and all the different smells were overwhelming. I was kind of scared at first, but koda showed me that it would be fun. I looked up at mommy as she opened the gate and she smiled at me so i put on my brave face.


All the other dogs met us right at the gate, but Daddy kept me on the leash until he knew I was ok. I nervously sniffed a few other puppies, and when this one REALLY BIG doberman came at me really fast and it scared me so i growled. He got the hint and ran off. Daddy unhooked my leash and finally let me run a little. Koda helped me out a bit bringing me to meet the other puppies. We ran a lot and Daddy even ran with me! That was really fun!


Then all of a sudden I couldn't find Mommy and Daddy anymore. I got really scared and looked for them, but couldn't find them anywhere. I went and sat by the gate hoping they would come and get me. I heard mommy calling me, Luna! LUNA! but I couldn't see her! Then there she was all of a sudden! They were in the park the whole time but I couldn't see them! From then on i didn't leave them because I was scared I'd lose them!

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I begged Mom (LadyBee4T) to tell my story too. I said why can’t I? Molly did. She finally relented but told me to summarize the story. Well what does she want me to say? I ran away, a lady took me to jail, and then Mom broke me out? I don’t think so. I think you guys want to hear a few of the details. Woof woof


It was a dark and stormy night. ( It really was!!!) It was the night that all the hu pups wear something scary on their face and wander around saying Boo. I don’t like that night cause it’s kind of scary but I was safe in my kennel. During the night we all heard a loud noise but since I was safe I went back to sleep. In the morning my breeder lady mom put us all out into the compound like she always does—the boys on one side and the girls on the other. Soon I heard the boys quietly woofing on their side of the fence. The boys told us that the sound during the night was a big tree and it had fallen over the fence that surrounds our compound. We all developed a plan and one by one we went through that hole and started running. My dad told me this was a jailbreak and to run as far and as fast as I could. I ran down the road and into a field so that they wouldn’t find me. I heard them calling my name but I just stayed away. Then another lady found me and since I didn’t have any tags she took me to the shelter.


I didn’t like the shelter. It was noisy and scary and nobody took me outside to play with my brothers and sisters. In fact where were they? I couldn’t smell them anywhere and then I was even more scared. I just laid down and shivered. One day a few people came to look at me. They were told I couldn’t go with them just yet because I needed to be fixed. I didn't know there was anything wrong with me that needed fixing. I was taken from the little cage and put into a bigger one. That was a little better but they gave me something and I started feeling very funny. Right then another lady came in and said Oh he’s just the dog I have been looking for. She got sad though when she found out that the first people might take me home. The next day that same lady came back to see me. I could tell she was very excited too. She hurried me out to the play area but I was so scared I wouldn’t play with here and I wouldn’t take her treats. Then she told me there were other dogs to see me. When I discovered they weren’t my brothers and sisters I didn’t like that cause I missed them. Those dogs she brought paid no attention to me and just smelled around the area. She went back into the jail area and told the lady at the desk that I am a girl and not the boy they thought I was. Can you imagine they thought I was a boy? I am a girl and a very beautiful one at that. They didn’t believe her so she told them if I was a boy I was missing certain equipment. I thought I lost that equipment yesterday but they were talking about something else. The lady finally said yes I was a girl. Mom then filed all my paperwork and bailed me out of that jail. That means my gotcha day is November 10, 2009.


On the way to my new home Mom was singing with the radio. I really don’t like her singing but don’t tell her that or it might hurt her feelings. Ok? Anyway a song came on the radio and suddenly she said that’s your song! You are now Layla!! She took me to a doggy store and asked me to pick out my new bed. I checked all of them out and finally found one that was just right so Mom took it home for me. Dinner time came and I wouldn’t eat. Mom just thought I didn’t like her food. I would never be rude like that. She got new food and then started to feed me by hand. Soon I learned that if I didn’t eat the food in my bowl that Riley or Molly would eat it for me.


I was used to the crate so she put me in it the first night at my new house. I realized though if she would feed me by hand then I bet I could get her to do other things so I could wrap her around my little paws. Sure enough the second night I cried and cried. ;):P Finally she let me out and I found my own place to sleep on the end of Mom’s bed. That’s where I sleep to this day.


A few days later Mom got a call from the shelter saying that something odd had happened. It seems that my breeder lady mom had discovered that I had been at the shelter and that Mom had taken me home. The breeder lady mom talked to Mom and said she was very mad. She said to Mom that she wasn’t going to take me back because I was no use to her anymore since she couldn’t show me or breed me. Can you imagine that I was no use to her anymore? Mom didn’t like that. In fact Mom told me that she is glad that I can’t bring any more puppies into the world because there are too many that don’t have nice homes like me. Mom is still upset sometimes that that the breeder lady would show up one day and take me back. It’s been over a year now and I am still with my Mom. I follow her everywhere and she calls me her Velcro dog.


Mom had me chipped what ever that means and I wear my tags. She said that if I ever ran away again people could help find my home for me if I wear those things. I don’t know why she worries I might run away since I have it made here


This picture was taken a couple of days after my gotcha day. This was one of the pictures that Mom sent to the breeder lady so she could tell if I was the girl she was missing. The breeder lady just wanted to know it was me so she wouldn’t cry at night thinking I had been eaten by the coyotes in the area. Both Mom and I were having a bad hair that day but I still think I am beautiful! In fact I even won a big dog show when I was a pup so other people think I am beautiful too. Mom says it was fate that brought us together. Why she says that I'm not sure but it has something to do with my fancy name of Venetian Eight Bee Low......



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Another story from me! Luna!!


I want to tell you about the one that got away. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when we were just playing around in the back yard when something moved behind me. I snapped at it, but it moved away! I turned around, and it was gone again, but I could feel it there... watching me. I layed back down again, and there it was again! I felt it touch me! So i jumped up and there it was just behind me!!! I tried to move super quick around and around but it kept getting away! So I stopped and waited, surely if I played it right it wouldn't see me sneaking up from the other side! I moved quick, but it was quicker so again we ran in circles chasing each other until FINALLY I caught my prey! Happy with my hunt, I went to walk away. But, it didn't work! I fell over! And oh no! That fuzzy thing that's been chasing me was gone! I looked behind me and there it was again, staring me in the face.. mocking me. Well this wouldn't do. So i took it by surprise and we chased each other in circles and circles and circles. When that didn't work, we stopped and i tried to sneak up on it from behind. So we chased again in circles again! I Finally caught it and this time i wasn't letting it go! I bit down hard and OUCH that hurt! ... oh wait... that was my tail.

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Another story from me! Luna!!


I want to tell you about the one that got away. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when we were just playing around in the back yard when something moved behind me. I snapped at it, but it moved away! I turned around, and it was gone again, but I could feel it there... watching me. I layed back down again, and there it was again! I felt it touch me! So i jumped up and there it was just behind me!!! I tried to move super quick around and around but it kept getting away! So I stopped and waited, surely if I played it right it wouldn't see me sneaking up from the other side! I moved quick, but it was quicker so again we ran in circles chasing each other until FINALLY I caught my prey! Happy with my hunt, I went to walk away. But, it didn't work! I fell over! And oh no! That fuzzy thing that's been chasing me was gone! I looked behind me and there it was again, staring me in the face.. mocking me. Well this wouldn't do. So i took it by surprise and we chased each other in circles and circles and circles. When that didn't work, we stopped and i tried to sneak up on it from behind. So we chased again in circles again! I Finally caught it and this time i wasn't letting it go! I bit down hard and OUCH that hurt! ... oh wait... that was my tail.

Too funny....my Serena will catch her tail and keep spinning for a while, it is sooo funny to watch.

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I'm not really entering the cointest but I felt I should come on here and tell you what I did just recently. When my mom wasn't looking this morning I grabbed her dental guard and chewed it up. I thought it tasted good and I like mommy's breath. It felt so good when I was chewing it to bits but then my mommy walked in on me and I got in trouble. She didn't spank me but she did kinda raise her voice at me, I pretended I was kind of scared but I secretly know she thinks I'm too cute to be mad at. Sometimes she forgets to put stuff up higher than I can jump. Now she has to go to town and buy a new one today. I know there's a pair of fuzzy earmuffs around here, maybe I can find those later today :)



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Koda here!


Time to tell you another one of my stories! The day we moved and got that furry thing.


When I was 1 1/2 years old Daddy finally moved out of Grandma and Grandpas house, and took me with him. Mommy had gotten into college in Cambridge, Ontario so we had to move 3 hours away!! Daddy found a job in the area and we were off. It was so sad leaving all my sisters behind, but I was excited for it to be just me and Daddy (mommy wasn't moving up until September). When we finally got settled in, it was very weird. We lived in this big building, and didn't even have a back yard. Daddy had to walk me 4 times a day and I was never allowed off leash because i like to chase little furry things daddy calls squirrels. As the days went by, i started feeling lonlier and lonlier. I didn't have other puppies to play with and daddy was always at it seemed. When he was home he would try to play with me but i was always just so sad. A few weeks after we moved Mommy came to stay for a week to visit Daddy. But, she didn't come alone. They brought this little thing with them that seemed so dainty and precious. Mommy said it's name was Jazz. They said it was a kitten and i was to be nice to it because it was a gift for me so I had someone to play with. At first i didn't like the little thing that mommy brought home because she seemed to love it more than me. But then, they gave it a bath. It was so upset when it came out that it actually came and curled up with me! It broke my heart so i cuddled him and helped him get dry and warm. From then on I treated him like my own son and we went everywhere together. He was my baby and i protected him and played with him and slept with him and even helped him when he was in trouble!! Even today we sleep together every single night! We are the bestest friends and I couldn't go a day without him.




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Dixie and Mowgli's mom here....I have thought about letting Dixie tell her "Gotcha Day" but we have been busy this weekend. Anyways, I just wanted to say to MoonCat and KDT that I have 2 dogs and 2 cats also. I think its so cute when I see a dog and a cat get along and they sleep with each other. Dixie and Mowgli would love to play with Cali and Angel but they won't have anything to do with them. I've enjoyed reading everyones stories...some made me smile and others brought tears to my eyes. Best of luck to everyone!! Even if you don't win you're still a winner because all you canines have a loving family and your family has you. Something to be thankful for. :)

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Dixie and Mowgli's mom here....I have thought about letting Dixie tell her "Gotcha Day" but we have been busy this weekend. Anyways, I just wanted to say to MoonCat and KDT that I have 2 dogs and 2 cats also. I think its so cute when I see a dog and a cat get along and they sleep with each other. Dixie and Mowgli would love to play with Cali and Angel but they won't have anything to do with them. I've enjoyed reading everyones stories...some made me smile and others brought tears to my eyes. Best of luck to everyone!! Even if you don't win you're still a winner because all you canines have a loving family and your family has you. Something to be thankful for. :)


I know what you mean. Luna is a bit too 'rough' for the cats just yet, she gets excited to play with them and that gets Jazz really annoyed and terrifies Tucker. Then again, Tucker is afraid of anything and everything. He's not a fan of Koda either but he puts up with her.

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I couldn't find the link to the random generator site I have used in the past so I used this one instead Random Number Generator


There were 40 posts before the midnight deadline so I put in 1 through 40. The number spit out was 31 making MoonCat & KDT the winner! I had wondered if statistics would hold up and the one who "posted the mostest" would be the winner. Send me your address and I'll get the coin out to you.


I also noticed that Wylymama24 said they hadn't seen a coin yet. Send me your address too and I will send you out one of my Michigan nontrackable coins.


Thanks everybody for playing. I really enjoyed the stories and the pictures too. I'm glad I used the number generator because there was no way I could have chosen a story. :D I like the site www.baddogs.com--the things the dogs do. Makes me laugh and cry at times too.


Hope everybody had fun and thanks for sharing your stories!!


GoodGollyMissMolly, Layla the GeoDog, Riley the GeoDog and Rocky Raccoon send puppy dog kisses to all of you!!

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Congrats to MoonCat & KDT for winning and a big THANK YOU to GoodGollyMissMolly and her mom, LadyBee4T for putting on this Cointest!!! Riley and I had a blast reading all of the stories that everyone posted.


Much thanks and tail wags from Riley-Finn and I:)

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**Noticed this cointest is done but still gonna leave the post.**


My mom Jill Loves cointests but I have to say this is MY favorite!!


She told me to come and post since it was posted by another sheltie!! (even if you are the wrong color! :P )


Jill and I do all sorts of fun things! We go all over the place and I get to run around and jump jumps and go through tunnels... I get to play a game where I jump over jumps and get a tennis ball.. I get to herd sheep.. and I get to do my favorite thing of all- make people smile who can't have their own doggies any more!


Jill started out in dogs with a very bad dog yellow lab named Jessie. I never met her but I hear about her all the time! She said that Jessie used to chew the noses off of all her sister's stuffed animals, dig holes in the back yard, jump on everyone, poop in the house, and run away all the time! I never got to do any of those things that sound like they are so fun, but Jill says that the reason we get to do all sorts of other fun things is because of this naughty dog!


Jessie got out one time and Jill's family drove around the neighborhood looking for her everywhere! Everyone was sad and crying. They thought she was gone forever. But then they got home and she was sitting on the back porch waiting for them!


Jill's mom said that she had to go! But Jill begged her to let her take her to a place called "obedience school" around the corner where they teach your people how to communicate with you. Her mom agreed and the owner of the school said that this 12 year old girl and 6 month old puppy could give a class a go. After the 8 weeks they were working like a team so she joined this thing called 4-h and was hooked on the dog world!


Jessie was a therapy dog too just like me! She got to go with Jill to work when she started working in a nursing home. Sadly before Jill was done with that thing she calls "college" Jessie passed away.


So Jill was on the hunt for a new therapy dog to make the people smile! Her family friend bred sheltie dogs like me so she asked if she could borrow one to take the special test to be a dog that makes people happpy like Jessie. This doggie was a very good therapy dog, but the lady decided she should have puppies and Jill was left again without a dog to make the people happy.


Well the lady had planned a trip to Disney world with her family when the puppies were 5 weeks old so Jill eagerly offered to take care of the puppies. One puppy was very outgoing, climbed on everything, was very bouncy and never stopped giving kisses and wagging her tail. Needless to say that puppy didn't go back home with the rest of them when the lady came back. ;)


I was that puppy! :lol: Now I get to make people smile and have fun, along with my 2 kids and that big annoying aussie dog that's gotten to go geocaching that mom says I have to be nice to! :angry:


Thanks for letting me share my "Gotcha" story. :D

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She told me to come and post since it was posted by another sheltie!! (even if you are the wrong color! :P )


No No No I am just the right color for me. Mom told me I was. I am a beautiful copper sable. She thinks she should have named me Penny Lane but I was shaved when she got me so she didn't know how beautiful my coat was. My mom's first sheltie was just the right color for her too--blue merle and Pepper was the right color for him--mahogany sable. We are ALL just the right colors even you. :P


You have a great gotcha story and I'm glad you posted even if the cointest is over. It also sounds like Jessie was a GREAT bad dog. She could have taught you plenty I bet! ;)

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