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Garmin etrex H keep it or take it back?


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It'll work......... but--


That unit will probably require a serial cable. If your computer is less than 10 yrs. old, it probably doesn't have a serial connection (they all use USB connectors, now). There is yet hope however, as you can use a USB cable to serial cable to complete the downloading.


Next -- in that you already use an Iphone, you will find the eTrex H is a gray-scale screen (unlike most GPSr units of the date) and if it has mapping at all, it will be basic to the extreme.


Get you to the cache, sure it will, but I don't think it'll do it like you expect. All you can do with it is follow the pointer. Not bad unless you run into a lake to go around or a river to navigate.

Depending on the price paid, it may be a good choice, it may be a bad choice.

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So is the Garmin Etrex a good geocaching GPS? How do I download where I need to go? Do I need a cord or cable?


HELP. My hubby brought it home today, and I have no idea how to use it. I've been caching on my Iphone.

It is a great unit, I have one, at first, I too had a problem figuring out how to manually enter coords. The instructions did not seem too clear to me. I just googled "how to manually enter coords in a Garmin Etrex H"...and got my answer. there is also a cord you can purchase to download the coords also..

However, if you really think this is a hobby you will continue with, check out the Garmin Oregon 450..I recently purchased that and love it...it allows for paperless Geocaching...meaning you can download a caches coords, description, hints, logs ect.. Although I do have the 450, I will not part with my etrex H,...I am very happy with it and keep it as a backup..

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It will work - many many thousands of cachers have used them to find many many caches.


However, By the time you purchase a cable and get it working on your PC - you may just as well have bought a Garmin Venture HC that uses a more standard USB connection.


If you can afford one however, I recommend getting one of the fully paperless Geocaching models. Take a look at the Magellan eXPLORIST gC, Garmin Oregon or Dakota line or the Garmin 62 lineup.

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This was my primary device till I got my Iphone. Started by inputting all the caches manually, now that was rough. So for like $30 bucks, I went to Amazon and bought 2 cables. 1 - extex h cable and 1 - serial to usb cable. Then with the program GSAK I can transfer up to a 1000 caches to the etrex in under a couple of mins. Most of the specific details and directions can be found on the internet and with the help sections. Probably will not ever buy another GPS unit unless this one breaks, then I'm probably gonna buy the same one. Because with the Iphone you can still go paperless and have maps when needed. Hope this helps.

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Thanks guys! I have the app on my Iphone, but the battery dies really fast when caching. Like really fast.


Plus, I guess I've used "65% of my data plan" according to the text message I got the other day while out. Not sure what that means but it sounds pricey.


I like the water proof aspect of the device. I have a tendency to drop things and fall over, so the toughness is a good factor. It runs in the family so it's a good thing all around. We went hiking the other day (and caching of course)and everyone but my DH fell on their tushy at least twice.

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I use an eTrex in conjunction with an iPhone. The eTrex works well in low signal areas or for point to point multi caching. It also has a long battery life for those caching excursions where you can't hop back in the car and charge your phone. The accuracy of the eTrex is usually about 8 feet better than the iPhone (stupid AT&T...)


I do, however, envy some of the better GPSr models on the market. If I were to do it again, I'd probably go for a better model.

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I used an Etrex Legend C for about 5 years and 1600 caches. I've recently moved to an Oregon 450 and sometimes use one of a couple apps on my BlackBerry Storm, but I'd never be afraid to recommend the Etrex to anybody, especially someone starting out, if for no other reason its relative toughness compared to your smartphone.

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I found my 1st 50ish caches without a gps, then my next 200 with the Garmin Etrex. Now I have a Garmin 62. The Etrex is good and usually got me to around 30 foot of a cache. Only downside is it's not fantastic under heavy tree cover. Personally I think it's a great starter gps.

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It's fine as a unit if you're just starting out, but it depends how you plan to go geocaching. If you want to grab a pocket query and head off it's not the right unit, if you want to add a bunch of caches in a specific area and then head out for them then it's not too bad. You definitely need a cable though. There's plenty of tools and Firefox plugins to help add caches to the etrex h though - and most are free. Have a look here ozcacher blog for info on getting started with the etrex h and how best to transfer data to it. There will be an update soon looking at the use of the GCTour greasemonkey script which really helps out when using the etrex h.

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You'll find that the accuracy and battery life of the eTrex is way better than your phone. The only thing that is meant by someone saying that its not geocaching friendly is that it doesn't have the memory to store descriptions and logs so you can read them on the unit. All of the eTrex's are very good units and any of the "H" units work better than the non-H units, especially under tree cover, etc.


This is a very good unit for geocaching for the price, if you don't mind not having the descriptions on the unit.

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I have a garmin etrex legend H. I got it as my first gps. I wish I had made a better choice (more money) as it's not exactly user friendly for a first model to a complete newb. I've had to read the manual several times through and google some of the information it provided as it seems to assume you already know everything about the lingo of a GPS. It's also hard to read the tiny tiny print. Now that I have the hang of using it, I'm okay with it.


This model does not support paperless caching. The Margin of error is acceptable and once in a while it's spot on.

I use a USB cable to download coordinates.


I'll end up keeping it until it fails or until I want to get a model that does support paperless caching.

it also can take a dunking and a drop fairly well.

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The blue eTrex Legend is a great GPSr!


I was using one for over 3 years and ~1300 caches. Good, stable, accurate GPSr.


The serial cable thing is not a big issue. I just built a new computer and was able to add a serial port so I could connect my GPSr.


I would still be using my Legend but have been able to afford to move to a 60Cx. However, my aunt now uses my Legend, as it is better than my old eXplorist 100 (except the 100 has a more readable screen.)


All in all, an excellent GPSr!

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