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Garmin 62s.. startup issue

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After excitedly unboxing my new Garmin 62s, reading the quick start, putting in the MicroSD maps, and batteries.


I pushed in the power button to be greeted with a brief Garmin logo, before the unit unceremoniously shut down :-(


I was able to connect basecamp via usb and see the usb screen on the unit, but still unable to get it to startup!


Is it being obviously stupid or a problem with unit.





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try removing the sd card and starting up the unit that way, the sd cards can be a bit of nuisance at times, if it starts up with out the sd card then try and insert the sd card being careful to make sure its resting in its little niche properly and see if it fires up then, failing that i would say get in contact with garmin

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Thank You for the replies.


The batteries were brand new and straight from the packet.


I tried without the SD initially with no luck.


As the unit would connect via USB I decided to register the unit with Garmin and used the webupdater to re-install the software (not sure exactly where i find the software version that was installed).


After 3 attempts to restart the unit finally sprang to life! Managed to put SD card in and all seems well.


Will check all the settings in the morning, and take it on a trial run.





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