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Japan Cacher Check-In

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Howdy, everyone --


Jackalgirl here. The House of Jackal in Japan is all okay. Can't say the same for other parts of Japan. : ( If you're in Japan, could you check in here to let us know you're okay? My Japanese is awful, I'm afraid so say, so if you're a Japanese cacher and you're bilingual, could you report the thread and ask that the Japanese translation of "Japan Cacher Check-In" be added to the topic title?


Many thanks!


-- Kat aka Jackalgirl

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There's a report on "Underbody of a Jet Plane" (GC2173Z) in Sendai from Tokyo-based strikeeagl:


To every geocachers.

We were Tokyo geocaching community confirmed a cache owner tmiya and his family both alive in safe area by web info.However,We do not communication directly yet.The area still stop phone electric.etc.


Thanks for all fellowes geocacher


strikeeagl in Tokyo


There's also an update on nearby(ish) "Hanabuchizaki" (GC2PPPP), presumably from the cache owner there:


14th March, 2011

At this time, I can not visit the point of the cache. As you know, in the afternoon of last Friday, the earthquake occurred in north eastern Japan.I want to visit again one day.Thank you every geocachers in the world for your comforting word.



Sad that this 2nd cache only had the one finder before it's (presumably) been swept away - it's on an exposed-looking cliff.


I hope all the cachers and their families are safe and well, but then I hope that for all the community, and alas we know it can't be.


Thoughts with you all though.



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Reporting from Tokyo Japan (about 250km far from stricken area).


Earthquake is still occurs about 5 or more times per day even here in Tokyo.

My family is well.


We heard that many country propose to help Japan, I'm very glad to hear it.


Over 20000 people dead or missing・・・ at the area stricken.


Nuclear plant still not cool-down completely. It is the most troublesome.

The action on this problem of "Japanese Government" and "Kanto Electric company"

is not good.


I think it is very difficult to make Japan geocacher check-in thread.

Japan geocacher who lives in middle to west-south area and Hokkaido area must be fine.

But Tohoku-area(stricken) is in very serious trouble now, they must not access to

this forum until their life recover. Many people lost their family and home...


We will get them over. Please pray to recover for us.

Thank you.

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Tohoku-area is still tough.

・Over 9000 people dead

・13000 and more people missing

・Nuclear plants still not cool-down

・Many people in this area need food, water, medicine, heating appliance,, we have many but there is a problem in distribution because lack of fuel (improved little by little).


In other hands, today, many(19caches) published in Kanto-area(Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba-Pref).

And EVENT CACNE will held the week after next "HANAMI 2011" at Ueno-park in Tokyo. "HANAMI" event had been held for 7 years. In this time, we may talk about this in HANAMI event cache.

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Many of my fellow cachers here in Greater Boston area expressed their sympathy & greatest wishes to all those affected by the devastating disasters & nuclear plant scare. Mentally, very difficult to watch the NHK News streaming over UStream.


Thanks Jackalgirl for putting up this thread.

For the translation of "Japan Cacher Check-In", I think it's something like 「日本キャッシャーの点呼および状況確認」, which means "roll call" & "condition check". Hope this helps a bit. (Sorry, but I don't know if I can nor how to change the topic title.)


Wishing the quickest relieve to arrive to everyone affected, and also pray for the most unfortunate.



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Hellow all of fellow geocacher!


Tokyo geocaching community had been confirmed the safety of all of the mainly geocaching members.The person of area who had the damage that I know is safe;tmiya,haruurada(sendai),tuckandgreen(Mr&Mrs Akita)Robert Hill(Misawa USAF).However,They are troubled with the lack of supplies,The lack of gasoline in particular and daily commodities is a serious problem.We are Tokyo geocaching community tried to send a contribution and supplies to Sendai where the damage was the biggest.We live around a capital are troubled by a limit of the electricity now.We will overcome this difficult situation.I thank for a lot of encouragement and condolences.


Thanks for all geocahers


strikeeagl Tokyo Japan

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I am smileless. I live in Yokohama(Kanagawa). I tell you about the situation of Kanagawa.

Kanagawa is a prefecture in the south of Tokyo.

It was hardly shook, but it was not the level that a person injured.

And Kanagawa is position of 250km from nuclear power generation. There is not the danger of the radioactive contamination for the moment.


I think Geocacher living in Kanagawa to be safety.


A blackout is carried out premeditatedly now in each place by electricity shortage.

In addition, there are some limits for the use of means of transportation.


There is the uneasines, However, We can live under daily life.


Kanagawa is a safe area as above.

The people support a stricken area for mind of the cooperation.


But some Chache has been archived.

Because the ground is dangerous under the influence of the earthquak, In particula, in coastal place around Minato Mirai.


The report of the earthquake situation of matz-san and strikeeagl-san is very correct. Thank you!

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Hi, all geocachers


Thank you for anxious.

I live in Nagoya from Tokyo to 200km west.

In Nagoya, the earthquake did not influence it at all.

Of course, I and My family are fine.

However, the town in the Tohoku area has been greatly destroyed because of the earthquake and the tsunami.

I am sincerely praying for the revival of the Tohoku area.


Kind regards,

            hirapon Nagoya, Japan

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Thank you for anxious for us.


A very regrettable tragedy has occurred on March 11.

The life was safely though some of geocacher that we knew were rolled in the tragedy.


There were various confusion also in the provinces other than the stricken area up to now.

However, it has settled down gradually.


In central and western of Japan, there is no problem of the power failure etc. It lives usually.


We also make this country an energetic country again.


Thanks for all geocachers!!


bun34 from Nagano, Japan

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All geocachers,


Thank you for concern.

Since the earthquake, I received many e-mails from many geocachers in the world.

These message encouraged me.


I and my family is OK, and life-line was almost recovered in Tokyo area.


I hope all of you can visit in Japan in near future, and see the recovery and enjoy the geocaching in Japan !


Thank you again,



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Hi, all


Thank you for being concerned about us.

My family and I are okay, and my friends are also okay.

Fire disasters, building collapses, lands liquefaction and tsunamis occurred in capital region by the March 11 earthquake, but the damage situation of the Tohoku region and Fukushima nuclear power stations are most serious.


Greetings from Kanagawa Prefecture



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Thanks for your concern.

I live in Toyota city near Nagoya city.

When the big earthquake occurred, I was in China. So I couldn't know the state of Japan at first.

After go home I surprised at serious damage of wide area.

I heard all geocachers I know are okay.


Thank you all!


Falcon-J from Toyota, Japan

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Hi fellows,

Thanks so much for care of us. Almost all of us are in healthy. Many of Japanese cachers made a community in Facebook or twitter for years. So we could confirmed each other by this network.

As others say, someone still have stressed at lifeline. And many must be under controlled of "rolling blackout" for a while.


I proposed souvenior of "Japan relief". Meanings are "Pray for Japan" and "Say thanks for warm messages from cachers". If you could agree with, please vote it.

Japan relief souvenir



Special thanks for kokoro-san for Signal with Japan!


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Hi friends,

Last week, we held a HANAMI Party in Tokyo. HANAMI were held every years and became bigger year after year. After some discussions of self restraint about such a party at this time, we decide to held.

Participant were little fewer than last year. But we could have confirmed each other and their family's health. And we are talking about "what to do for us".

I and someone were depressed for a while with shocking pictures on TVs. But we could be encouraged each other. Nonetheless to say, many went geocaching next Sunday.




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