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Idea for a new look for our cursor

2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

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Jeremy, we have been to other sites that change the look of the cursor as soon as you get to their web page. I do not know if you could do this for Geocaching.com of not, but if it could even be just on the forums, it might be really fun. It could be changed into....say a FROG with his tongue stuck out catching a 'bug' or something else pertaining to Geocaching. A lot of us ladies & kids would really enjoy things like this!


Thank you for your time.


~Shirley of 2oldfarts~


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I especially despise those sites that have those little trailing messages that attach to my cursor (usually an advertisement). Aagh, get it off me, get it off me, it burns, it burns....


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Baaaaaaaad idea.


Creating a "look and feel" for your website is great; changing the attributes of the pointer on my computer is not.


I also believe that the most common way this is accomplished is through a program called CometCursor, which is one of the worst offenders when it comes to using spyware to invade your privacy and market your browsing habits. I've blocked access to the Comet Systems networks on our router at work for this reason.


Again - make what shows in the browser window look however you want, but don't mess with anything on another layer. The mouse pointer travels above the browser window and shouldn't be touched.



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Originally posted by Marky:

Ditto on not liking the cursor changing. It is considered bad form to mess with the standard cursors (I do this kind of thing for a living).



...Be nice to your fellow geocachers, they might be Hemlock...


icon_eek.gif What...you change cursors for a living?





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Although fun and games are entertaining, for some at least, I would be remiss if I were to abstain from voicing an additional "Please, not here" vote. Geocaching fun and games for the little ones might be nice, but please not via a "cute" cursor or something.


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If you want to change your cursor on your own computer, go right ahead. But don't force a change on others who may not want such "extras". I played with comet cursor for about 3 days before I dumped it. It took me 3 months to clear out all the spyware and other hidden goodies it had installed without my permission or knowledge. Now I use Spybot regularlly to keep out the riff-raff.


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In the future we may add cursors and icons you can add to your own windows system, or wallpaper like these two:


Nice wallpaper....how about one with the frog in costume? icon_wink.gif


More seriously, though, there was a guy a few months who posted some wallpaper he made. Very cool looking stuff using the geo-logo. It'd be great to have something like that available, too.




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Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):

Thanks for the idea. We don't have any plans to do this however, since many people consider it hijacking the User Interface when the cursor changes. In the future we may add cursors and icons you can add to your own windows system, or wallpaper like these two:






smile.gif Jeremy Irish

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Thank you Jeremy for responding in such an understanding way. I shall wait for the future & all of your ideas to appear. The wallpaper is really great & the thought of something to try out later will be sufficient.


Thank you for your time.

~Shirley~ of 2oldfarts


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