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Magellan Explorist GC vs. Iphone 4

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I am new to Geocaching and am looking to buy a GPS. I am currently using the Geocaching app on my iPhone 4 and it works o.k. I have been researching and a Garmin is just not in the question at the moment (any of the paperless models are far too expensive) which leads me to the magellan... I just want to know if this is an upgrade or more of a side step. If it isn't going to help me any I will stick with the iPhone until I can afford a Garmin Oregon or something. Any info would be great. Thanks guys.

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I am an owner of the Magellan explorist GC and I love it. To use the paperless features you have to be a premium member; it does come with a 1 month free trial. The nice thing about the GC is that it can hold up to 10,000 (yes I typed the number right) caches on the unit. When you find a cache with the GC you mark the cache found on the GC. Then when you get back to a computer you connect it to your computer and load the finds on geocaching website. I do not have an Iphone so I can't compare it to that. Some of the nice features of the GC is that it is waterproof to the IPX-7 standards (means it can handle 1m under water up to 30 minutes, link to info on IP standards), it was designed for geocaching so a lot of the settings and menus are setup in a certain way. Any questions please ask.


More info from Magellan's website

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