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March Caption Competition

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OK.... To show that I don't actually hate Nick as much as he thinks I should do :) I'm happy to stick my neck out and offer a prize of an unactivated Geocoin to the best caption this month.


Competition closes on 31 March and I will select the winner...

Like the Photo Comp, the winner can then select a new pic and start off a new comp next month, although the starter doesn't need to add a prize, I just feel generous!


I've outed myself... those that know me well know that I'm not usually seen in public with no make up on.... eeek! :ph34r:

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Well.... Thanks for all the entries!


There were certainly some well thought out and funny entries, but alas, there can only be one winner!

The final three were:


1. Haggis Hunter "You know a true geocacher when it's a GPS that pops out.......... " made me spit my tea over the laptop!!! :laughing:


2. I loved the fact that Team Noodles reflected on my change of Sig line... Since losing a lot of weight, I now do small hills - for years I always said "I don't do hills" and so I really liked "now doing small bridges" :D


3. Now, I've never met Original A1, and even those cachers I HAVE met may not realise, that I was actually a North West Champion at Gymnastics - albeit when I was VERY young, and so their caption "Due to building delays, the London Olympics introduces the inaugural parallel bars competition outside" REALLY made me laugh. :lol:


So - as there can only be one winner.......






Original A1.... I have a brand spanking new, unactivated Geocoin waiting for you....!! Well done!!

If Original A1 would like to start a new caption comp (prizes are not necessary) then I think it would be fun!


Oh - and Nick (Nick & Ali)..... you're not big and you're not clever!!

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Goodness gracious! Although I'd occasionally revisited this page to see other comments, I'd completely forgotten about this, and didn't realise there was actually a prize up for grabs, so what a pleasant surprise to see that I've left the "also-ran" benches for the month and actually WON something! Not just any old thing, but a GC!


Thank you very much, Hazel, and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we expect to see you winning a gold GC in 2012. If you need to know how to get there, I'm sure someone will gladly provide co-ords...



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