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GPS that I don't have to hand-enter coords.

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All the newer units that support USB connection will allow you to enter them from the computer. There are are also older models that allow for this. All you need to do is go to the specific GPSr makers website. There are just way too many models to list for this question.


Are there other features you want or don't want? With this info, people can offer their opinions on differing models.


Good luck.


Edited to add: What type of unit are you using now? Do you want to stay with the same brand or try others?

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Cool, thanks.

Unit I'm using now is a Garmin GPS80(MIL) which is fantastic, but I have to hand-enter with the rocker switch and it's majorly easy to screw up. Once I was caching in a local park and I happened to look to see how far off I was. Over 5000 miles! oops. I had it looking in the wrong hemisphere.

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Well I just so happen to have a GPS MAP 60 cs up for sale right now. I am asking 100.00 for the unit and ext. antenna, maps, usb cable. I'm very open to offers. I have it listed in the garage sale area on the forums here. It does great at getting the cache onto the unit. It doesn't do the hints and log stuff though. If you are interested in it you can email me at: lester-clan @ live . com (without spaces of course) Good luck on your hunt for a new GPSr!

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