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Not new, been there done that but.........

Rosco Bookbinder
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KD7AAT John from Spokane Wa.


I got my ticket in 2003, got crazy with ham and had a really good station. Got into packet and some other modes (got a QSL from the USSR for my connect with the MIR space station)then things changed in my life and I sold everything and dropped out.


Just got me a new Icom IC-T70 hand held today, got it warming with the charger and tomorrow I will check into one of the local nets.


Geocaching is a big time thing with me especially since I got my friend AB7OH into it last year. I plan on putting the HT into use with it's VOX setup on my motorcycle while traveling and camping. Throw in a few caches here and there and what a deal.......


73's everyone and hope to hear you on the air and see you looking for that micro.

Rosco Bookbinder---aka---(KD7AAT---John)

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Hi John,


I got my ticket almost the same time and got into ARES/RACES emcomms here on the west-side of WA. Then I found out about geocacheing around 2006. The YL and I love searching and keeping in touch, since we are both tech's too.


If you ever get around the Olympia area we listen on the Capitol City repeater 145.47, which is on the Evergreen Intertie.




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