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One Huge Frown #22 GC1NVR3

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When I am traipsing through Goerge Bush Park, I see lots of trash. I see empty bottles, wrappers, and lots of tennis balls. I have even seen a toilet and a rusted out car in the middle of George Bush Park. These things are sometimes left by hikers and are often carried in as floating garbage when the park floods. Whan I can, I drag some of this out with me.


What I do not see very often are cigarette butts. I might not be paying enough attention or something, or maybe they are so small they get lost in the grass. Maybe hikers don't smoke much. I don't know and cannot guess. But when out completing the One Huge Smiley in George Bush Park this weekend I was astounded to find a fresh (was very obviously from that day) cigarette butt. Why is this so astonishing? I found it right beneath a cache. The only way it could have gotten there was from a fellow cacher. Worse still was how crunchy the grass was beneath my feet. The potential for wild fire is immense out there that would only take a single spark to start.


Please people and be considerate and keep your butts off of the ground. Practice CITO at least to the point that you are not leaving more trash than was there already.


Thanks for your time,



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