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What to put in larger caches?


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I have recently inherited a large number of ammo cans.. a whole bunch of the 7.62mm and .50 cal cans (the "standard" two sizes) as well as a number of larger and taller cans that would probably qualify as a "large". Placing them usually involves stuffing one or two of them into a backpack and going for a nice hike deep into the woods. Now, when I cache, I really don't care what's in caches swag-wise as I'm really in it for the hide-and-seek aspect of the game, and I always TNLNSL... So, I am always at a loss as to what to load the caches with as far as swag. It usually involves a trip to Job Lot (our local overstock clearance store) and acquiring random items to toss in.


Do you have any advice on what you tend to put in larger caches, and/or what you like to find in larger caches?

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I too, rarely worry about what I find in a cache.

Suggestions for swag could be any hard goods from the tool department, or kitchen gadget area. There are lots of cheap toys found in dollar stores.

Just don't put plush toys like stuffed animals unless you put them also inside zip lock freezer bags for extra moisture protection, and even then you might have to get them out of there after a while.

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:rolleyes: As a local whom will one day find this stash of ammo cans.. can I suggest just Hard Cold Cash...Set of car keys to a new cachemobile...The winning lottery ticket... :P:rolleyes::):D


On a serious note..Try 5Below.. some decent stuff cheap, Yard Sales..I pick up some cool trinkets from there, usually a box of stuff they'll let go for $5.


Mostly my caches contain toys..But am going more trail wise on the trinkets, tool wise etc.


K well sure you'll get it squared away, and am looking forward to the hunt(s)! :):D:lol:

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I really enjoy a well stocked cache, even if I don't take anything out of it.


I like to hide and find foreign coins. There are a number of foreign coin exchanges around here.


Things that are waterproof are best. I've taken too many moldy things out of caches to toss out.


I do decluttering around the house and take anything that is worth something and small and put it in caches.


My local dollar store has a set of two stubby screwdrivers for a buck. Waterproof, and something anyone can use.

In hiking caches, I've found handwarmers, rain ponchos, hand cleaner, duct tape, flashlights etc.


A lot of rubber-duckies are left in caches around here. They come in all colors and disguises these days.


The favorite things I've found include, a cable for my GPS, kitchen timer, small alarm clock, beautiful beads, am/fm headphones, CD case, CD's, ceramic angels etc.


I've left semi-precious stones and crystals (not good in areas that freeze), tools, ceramic figures, coins, hikers rolls of duct tape, a book light and before I knew better, a nice pocket knife (but it was at the top of a mountain, a small child could not have made it there)and things too numerous to list. I like to leave stuff that I would like to find.

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For hides with a bit higher terrain:

We've found that the "Totes" collapsible umbrellas fit well in a 50cal can. We say they're for folks who "forgot" their container-protecting umbrella when caching in the rain. ;)

Home Depot's little LED flashlights seem to go well.

When Advanced Auto or Home Dept have sales on their little multi tools, we'll grab a bunch.

We try to stay away from dollar-store stuff. Most even looks cheap.


Working at Crayola, we can fill a large can with whatever's the new playtoy (when we hit kid-friendly hides), as well as stuffin' them full of crayons & Markers.

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I like to leave my little rubber duckies in caches, lanyards, and a variety of other doodads I have found along the way in the sale sections and surplus stores. I helped my friend stock his cache from the dollar store (adult and kid stuff) basically whatever was neat and would fit.


I like to find a variety of stuff in caches. Mostly I like to find random books here and there (has resulted in some great reading while not caching).

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The larger caches are always a good way to get rid of things that you dont want/need that are useful and in good condition. As has been said before books or movies are a good possible idea. Ditto old video games. Maybe even some smaller sized caches to go that people can take and hide themselves? Pet toys that arent scented with anything are always a hit in my caches. For even larger sized than ammo cans Ive hidden, I have included a leather jacket, DVD player, and plastic picnic dish sets.

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The hides I have out on trails I originally stocked with items that wouldn't get water-logged. Last thing I wanted was for a cache to not be closed correctly after a find and the next cacher to say they found a swampy mess.

And right now with the busted ankle, I'm really glad I did that, as it will take some physical therapy before I can get to the caches that require several miles of hiking.


Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Ben Franklin, Big Lots, and other such stores have items that would be safe in a cache and won't drain your budget.

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I'd love to find a book, but I was into bookcrossing before I discovered geocaching (and I was a little book worm way before that too). I like to browse used book stores and second hand stores for cheap paperbacks. Only problem is that they need some protection unless you want them to turn into pulp if the cache gets wet...

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If it is in a misquito area, those bug repelant wipes are great. I bought bug off bracelets in bulk from an Ebay and they ended up being a few cents each. I also like to hit up the clearance sections, especially in the craft store, and Target. Sometimes the bins up front are 75% off, I got a bunch of small fist aid kits and really nice manicure sets for 25 cents each recently.

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