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Platons Atlantis Geocoin


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After several mails with mint I'm happy to show you a sneak peak of a new geocoin:



Platons Atlantis Geocoin


Probably you all have heard about Atlantis, a naval power sank after loosing a big fight against Athens. Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune".

In 360 BC, Platon first mentioned it in his dialogues „Timaeos“ und „Critias“, talking about the rise and fall of this huge empire.

(To learn more about Atlantis just visit Wikipedia, very interesting!!)


On front of this coin you can see Platon, in the back a excerpt from "Critias". Framed by a meander and Platons name written in ancient Greek under his head.

Sunken Atlantis is shown on back how it maybe has looked like described in "Critias". Both, Platons head and Atlantis, are in 3D, and Atlantis is covered with transparent color to get a "underwater" look.


Mint got a "GO" for 5 samples and I'm really excited they will look like.

Samples are in hand end of March, pictures from mint maybe earlier.


And many many thanks to my friend GATOULIS, who helped me a lot with the greek part of this coin! :anicute:


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Nice! I see you're using transparent #8; the detail might be a bit difficult to see on that unless it's really close to the surface (it's pretty opaque). You'll see it in the samples, though. Can't wait to see the pictures of the samples!

Yes, the #8 is really pretty opaque, but it's a sample and maybe it looks nice ;)

Other 4 samples are

- antique gold + #4

- antique copper + #11

- gold + #14 and a

- two-tone nickel + satin gold without transparent color

Each with hopefully matching PMS colors.



First I want to see samples in hand. After that I'll choose final versions.

I'm not sure about starting a reservation or doing a sale.


Hope to have them in hand end of April for shipping (or maybe middle of April without reservation).

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YEAAAAHHHHHHHH, Mint made my weekend.... got pictures









Antique gold + transparent orange (looks like yellow because of flash)

Antique nickel/silber + transparent blue

Antique copper + transparent olive





Two-Tone satin gold + nickel w/o transparent color on back

gold + transparent light blue


(The colors of the meander do not glow)


Samples will be send tomorrow and hope to have them in hand next weekend.


Still a lot of adrenalin rushes through my veins....

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WOW!!!! They look fantastic!!!! I love the antique gold and the antique copper so much!!! they look so greek! :D

The olive color fits perfect and looks so greek.... olive oil, olives, olive tree... are so connected with greece....

The antique gold has the orange... that in flash looks like gold, and it is AG... Atlantis was rich!!! the red...red is the colour of the war (they made war against Athenians) but also... the flames... probably atlantis was lost because of earthqwuackes and volcanos!

The antique silver with blue show the city like it is sunked... in the bottom of the sea....

The gold version with the trans light blue shows the city as a ghost... mystery city... well... that's Atlantis!!!

The 2 tone is amazing! Black waves around the city.... black for the loss... or is this the black water (full of mud etc..) of the tsunami that vanished the atlantis island?? Oh...


Really great job Stefan!!! BRAVO!!!!!! :D

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All coins I won't sell at GCF EU will be available for sale some days later after the event.

If all are sold out I'll probably remint the RE for those couldn't come to GCF EU.


But I'm still not sure about quantity and if there will be a LE or XLE.


Do you mean you will sell at the GCF Event in august, or NOT ?

The second sentence confused me a bit.

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My intention was to buy a complete set of these. Is there any word about when they will be available?


Back from GCF2011 EU I will add all remaining coins withing next days. Have to take pictures of them. As soon as they are put in stock I will let you know via Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and here.

I'll sell them at same price they have been sold at GCF:

8.5€ (incl. 19% VAT) = ~10$ plus shipping

Set of 4 is 32€ = ~ 38$ plus shipping

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On old backside Atlantis had 4 rings of water, but Platon described only 3. So I had to change it ;)


And the light blue is only a sample so far, no final production.


The 2-tone (satin gold + nickel w/o transparent color) is a LE (75 made), the other 3 are RE


Too bad about the light blue since it was my favorite.

On the other hand, people nearly always say that the LE or the one you decided not to make is their favorite. It gets back to people liking rare things. I wish that I had written down my favorite before I found you were not making the light blue so I could know that I had not been influenced. Even though I am aware of why people like things, I still find myself being very human and also being under the same influences.


In any case, I definitely want a set.

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