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Average age for a Geocacher?


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Hey, Ive been caching for over a year now, I'm 17, from Essex, I'm the only one in my famiy who geocaches so I have to make my own plans and go out myself to cache, which as you can imagne can be very boring. I just wondered how old the average cacher is, I notice a lot of older retired people cache, and familys which include people of my age, but not individual cachers of my age, just wondered how old everyone was?... Now I don't sound like a creep... O.o.. but you know what I mean.


None of my friends find it remotly intresting, which is understandable as it isn't the 'in' thing to do is it when your my age :P

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The beauty of geocaching is that anyone who chooses to do it can.


I'm nearly collecting my bus pass and choose to mostly cache alone. Others prefer company.


Have a look at the UK rescource pages




The local forums often carry invites to group caching, if you are able to attend a pub there are often social events that give you an opportunity to meet other cachers. It will soon be the season for weekend long camping events too.


Hope you build some friendships and enjoy your caching. :D

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I'm thirty*coughs*five*cough* and Mum is er much older. We cache together as a team. My three brothers (all between 23and 29) all cache too with their teams. My kids started this week as it's half term with their own team name - they are between 9 and 18. Obviously the younger ones can't go alone but the older one could *hopes her teen doesn't get to go do the puzzle ones she has solved before she does*


What I love about this hobby is that it is all encompassing. Anyone with any ability can find caches. If you want to go hiking to the middle of the moors brilliant, if urban and town centres are more your thing you can do this too.


I am sooooo glad I found something so accepting to do!

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Ive just started up, yet to find my 1st (but have attempted! :huh: ) and im 24, i go out with my daughter 16 months, and find it tricky with the pushchair!

Hoping to get hubby (28) involved so she can go out on the reins so can get to much smaller paths, and take it in turns to carry her when shes tired!


Find it motivates me to get out the house, but would be good for some company when hubby is working! (Wigan area!)

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38, discovered this just under a year ago. We started off doing as a family, but after doing the first few, most of the others got bored, except one who a few days later started his own account.. xJammmzy, he's 11 and so most he has done are local, or done with me.


If I am not out with him, I am mostly out alone now. Not just because of the above, but I have to also fit around other life things, and work, which usually means getting up way before dawn if I want to go look for one or two. I love a good muddy walk, but I also long for the summer to return when I can appreciate the views some caches take me to, you can't see far at 5.30am this time of year.

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My 17 year old friend (i'll be 17 in a couple months), introduced me to geocaching, and i'm thinking of going out on my own to try find some round my area later today. Looks to me like it doesn't matter what age you are; i'm sure you could find someone you know who's interested enough to join you?

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Though this would be a good starting point for first post.


We are 23 and 28, and we have so far done 5 caches with baby Isabelle who is 7 days old today. We figure that's gotta give her a good run at youngest geocacher (she started at 6 days old :) )

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I was happy to see there are plenty of people around my age who geocache here. I actually searched 'age' and found this thread; not that I'd be ashamed to participate if it was only my betters playing :lol: yet to find my first, but the new GPS should be arriving tomorrow. I hated the thought of taking my car Sat Nav, the poor thing hardly copes with the job it's supposed to do.


22 by the way :)

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