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Brand new cache = broken

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It happened to me on my first hide.


It was a large Lock and Lock, hidden under a large bush, in a woodland. (So it wasn't a custom built container, though I did spend some effort on the camo!). The woodland is maintained by a trust (I had their permission). I thought it was well hidden from muggles - you would need to get down on your hands and knees to find it.


FTF found it. Then a few days later I got an email from the woodland trust secretary, which said they had found the box destroyed and the contents spread around, and that it appeared to be done by an animal (the tooth marks giving it away).


I replaced the container in a different location; and it's been fine since (about a year so far).

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How about this scenario...


Cacher visits the cache site and figures the container is in the bushes. Since it is under the snow, they take to knocking the snow off the bushes but in doing so dislodge the container from it's resting place. They don't find it and move on, without posting a DNF. The next cacher comes along and in the process of searching accidentally steps on a frozen container hidden in the snow and breaks it. They never find the container in the bush either and leave.


Then the weather gets better, the snow recedes and a cacher now spots the broken container on the ground. All you see in the logs is the FTF & the STF, nothing that happened in between and no cacher knows they took part in the destruction of the cache.


webpro-arrow-up.jpg writes mystery novels... :D

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