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PiGo Bug (This command is intended to be used with another item or character)


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I hope this is a good place for a bug report, as I haven't found a dedicated support forum for PiGo.


My latest cartridge is not working with PiGo and I have narrowed down the problem to the fact that PiGo's implementation of "This command is intended to be used with another item or character" seems to be broken. Attached is a very simple cartridge to demonstrate the problem. The inventory contains 3 objects each with the command "Use With" and the option "command works with all objects". The actual command displays a message box stating the selection.


For any of the objects (e.g. a) one would expect a command button "Use With" which when selected would offer the choice of one of the other objects. Selecting one of the objects (e.g. c) should display "a Use With c". This is the case for the emulator, the Groundspeak PPC playert, Colorado, Oregon, OpenWig on PPC and Wheryougo on Android. The only difference is that OpenWig allows an object to be used with itself, which is odd, but not harmful.


However on PiGo the symptoms are as described by my kind tester:


--- snip ---

Item a displays two buttons:

"Use with" -> displays "Nothing available a"

"Use with ©" -> displays "c Use with a"


Item b displays two buttons:

"Use with" -> displays "Nothing available b"

"Use with ©" -> displays "c Use with b"


Item c displays two identical buttons:

"Use with" -> displays "Nothing available c"

"Use with" -> displays "Nothing available c"

--- snip ---


I would be grateful if you could look into this problem and fix it.


The test cartridge is here: http://roolku.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/test6.lua



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