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New Zealand Christchurch Appeal

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Less than a day to go for my Year of the Rabbit & Netsuke geocoins!


A quick note: you may be aware that the military is preparing to evacuate dependents from the Kanto Plain area (where I'm at). So I'm getting my husband and daughter ready to go. I myself am also going to be sent elsewhere. I don't have any idea when any of this is going to go down, and I strongly doubt it's going to be happening within the next 24 hours (well, they might leave before then, but I probably won't). I will do my best to keep updates posted, but the long and short of it is this: if you win an auction and I seem to disappear, it's not because I'm a thief. It's 'cause I'm in transit. Please be patient!

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About two hours to go for my YotR AE and Netsuke AE auctions!




Thanks so very much, a wonderful thing you have done here. We totally understand any delays. We wish you and your family a safe journey, and we are sending happy thoughts your way!


Marshall (aka RSCAENSD)

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