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Big Sale from my Collection with some rare Coins

Los Muertos

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I have to much Coins so i will sell some of my collection :rolleyes:


Please send me your offer via PN

S&H: up to 500 g - 5 $


Here is the list:


Black Widow ( black nickel)

Black Widow (antik silber)

Black Widow (poliertes silber)

Rembrandt (kupfer)

Grim Cacher (R.I.P, gold)

Grim Cacher (R.I.P,blck nickel)

Grim Cacher (R.I.P,poliertes silber)

Happy Halloween (gold)

Witch Parking Geocoin

Compass Rose 2008 (silber)

Mimbres Pottery

Ratisbona (antik silber)

Seals of Solomon (antik silber)

Seals of Solomon (antik gold)

Dealaware 2005

3. Stadtmeisterschaften Coin (silber)

Travelling Two Cents Mikrocoin (kupfer)

Mapamundi (kleine Coin)

7 Jahre Grüne Hölle Geocoin ( Antik Gold)

7 Jahre Grüne Hölle Geocoin ( Antik Silber)

7 Jahre Grüne Hölle Geocoin LE (two tone)

Four Musketeer (antik silber, grün)

Four Musketeer (antik silber, rot)

TB rescue.com Coin (Rettercoin, Gold + Pin)

Chi Town Romeo Cache LE

The Coinfather LE (Gold auf schwarz)

The Coinfather LE (Silber auf Schwarz)

Cache of the Titans – Medusa (antik kupfer)

Cache of the Titans – Medusa Magma Edition ( gold/nickel)

Cache of the Titans – Medusa XLE (antik silber )

Cache of the Titans – Medusa LE (antik gold)

Cache Hard or die

Raith Gras LE (Kupfer mit grünem Stein)

Cache Aid Kit (Gold)

Swiss Non-Smoker Coin

Matlock75 PC (Gold)

Easter Egg

GCC 7/2008 (Beast of the Cache)

GCC 2/2009 (earn your stripes, black nickel,silber)

GCC 1/2011 (Lupencoin)

10 Jahre Geocoin LE ( poliertes Gold)

Ulmer Fort Geocoin XLE

2010 Chile Pepper Coin XLE (mattgold)

Shri Yantra XXLE (mattgold)

Psychochicken Coin (antik silber )

Ten Years of Geocaching – Manitouba Edition

10 Years Geocaching LE Makrocoin (black)

10 Years Geocaching LE Makrocoin (grün)

Got your coords LE rainbow

Hogwild Kompass (antik silber)

Pocket Decoder (antik silber)

Viking Heritage - Helm + Schwert

Viking Heritage – Beil + Schild

Cache Gods (kupfer)

Fortune Favors - the bold (antik gold)

Lapu Lapu (antik silber)

Norwegen 2008

Mother Nature (antik gold)

Tracking Time Geocoin (antik gold)

Castle Man 2008 (gold, glänzend)

Stars of the North – Algol

Pure. Geocoin - black

Pure. Geocoin - white

Geowoodstock 2008 (Holo,gold)

Antefix Coin (Nr. 031/250)

Nude Caching (1x trackable + 1x non trackable, kupfer)

Austria 2007 (poliertes silber)

Finnland 2006

Finnland 2007

Niederlande 2005

Niederlande 2006

Niederlande 2007

Niederlande 2008

China 2006 (gold,Nr. 49)

Japan Geocoin (gold)


GCC 02/2008 ( ovale Coin)

Castle Man/Castle Wife (kupfer)

Norwegen 2007 (silber,glänzend)

1. Swiss TB Trophy

Czech Geocoin 2007 (silber)

First Italian Geocoin 2007 (silber)

First Greek Geocoin 2007

Zypern 2008

South Wales 2009

Belgien 2006

Luxemburg 2006

Bodensee Winter BBQ LE (Event Edition, poliertes silber, Auflage 100 Stück)

Bodensee Winter BBQ (antik silber)

Juwel of the moon AE LE (antik silber, rote Steine)

Raith Gras XLE (antik silber, blauer Stein)

GCC 11/2010 (Southern Ocean Benchmark + Pathtag)

Cache Owl (antik Gold)


Geocoins (activated):


Swedish Moose Geocoin (silber)

Rhein Nahe Geocoin 2006

Utah 2006

FGA Geocoin

Dorkfish (Aquarium)

Kinzua Area Cachers

Plymouth Benchmark

Edited by Los Muertos
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