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Problem with Dakota 20 and travel

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Last month, I loaded up my Garmin Dakota 20 with 500 caches in Belgium. I live in the UK and run OS maps in the Dakota. I checked the Dakota before we left and all the caches were sitting on the unit. We arrive in Belgium, I fire up the Dakota and there isn't a single cache to be seen...or at least not by me. Thankfully I had a PQ backed up on the iphone so used that.

Once we were back in the UK, the 500 caches were back on the Dakota.

Any ideas as to why they were there on the unit in the UK, not there in Belgium, but back again once home in the UK.

We're heading abroad again soon so I'm keen for this to not happen again.

Many thanks.

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Based solely upon what you posted, and assuming all is correct, my guess is that when you got to Belgium and started looking for those caches on your unit, you still didn't have a satellite fix. When you jump locations like that, it can take a little while for your GPS to realize where it is, discard previous almanac data and acquire new data for your new location. If your unit's last known position was in the UK, I can understand how that might have looked.

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