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Birdie Geocoin

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Below is the blue print for my next geocoin: Birdie. It is currently in mass production and will be available for sale soon!


A/C/D: Regular Editions

B: Zelanzy Zedition (Artist Edition)


Enamel: Hard

Core Metal: Brass

Size: 1.25" tall / 3mm thick

Plating: The design works best in BN, but ZZ is in Antique Nickel


Pricing (not quite set yet):

4 coin set: ~$30

Regular Edition singles: ~$8


Thanks to Vanelle for helping me choose the colors and to my facebook fans that participated in a "Color Birdie Cointest".



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Sweet! Love the color choices. :ph34r: I guess putting a slightly darker color on the "back" wing didn't work out so well? Lookin' forward to getting a few Birdies. :)



It was a cost thing, adding another color rose the price...well not much but I'm trying to keep below $8! Edited by Zelanzy
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They came out nice. Will be watching for a newsletter announcing their sale.

Thanks for reminding me! I now have a newsletter, many of my customers do not follow me on facebook and had requested I add a newsletter feature to my site.




Hmm not sure if I broke a rule there. If so, I'll leave it to you to find the newsletter signup page :)

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Sneak peak of the mint pics. I'll get some better pics when I have the coins in hand. I went straight to mass production on these (these are pics of the mass production coins) so I should have them up for sale soon!



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Nice - although I have to say the eye of the first one is a bit spooky! :lol:

I agree, the photo is pretty bad. There is metal there but it looks white in the photo. It's antique nickel and relatively dark (like in the photo on the right, upper left). Also, that is the AE, so not too many exist :)


I'll get some better pics up when I receive them next week.

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Birdie Geocoin is now for sale here: http://www.hagglecoins.com/shop/category/birdie-geocoin/


Price for coins:

4 coin set: $30

Single (regular edition only): $8


Price for shipping:

US: $1.50/order & $1 per coin

Canada: $2.00/order & $1 per coin

Worldwide: $3.50/order & $1 per coin


It's a small coin (1.25" diameter) but hefty (3MM thick, base metal brass).


Here is an image of the 4 versions:




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