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Extra field on edit cache page for Permanent Notes


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Would like to see a field on the "edit cache" page for permanent notes that are visible only to the approvers and the cache owner. For example, on a multicache, I would like to have a convenient place to store the waypoints of all the redirectors. The approvers need this info now for approving, and it is helpful to have this info stored with the cache in case maintenance needs to be done and the coords cannot be found. This Permanent Notes field would not be visible on the published page, only on the edit cache page. What say ye?

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The approvers agree with you (at least this one). We have discussed this and similar concepts with Jeremy. If implemented, this would be an advanced version of the 'note to reviewer' that you see now on the new cache form. Using your example, we could check a new cache submission against the intermediate and final waypoints for a multicache, to make sure that the new cache wasn't right on top of a cache container for the existing multicache.


Thanks for this good suggestion.



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Originally posted by Jeremy:

The current design of the site would stick them into pocket queries, so I need to fix that before I can allow that feature.

Yep, because otherwise he'd have all of the application developers scrambling to figure out where the new type came from and what it is. icon_wink.gif


(Incidentally, if you decide to somehow let the approvers get their approval subqueues in PQ form, not that you would, of course, but if you do, I'd gladly add it into Watcher for them, as long as I know what it's called. icon_biggrin.gif)


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I would love this. I wrote for my first multi/puzzle caches some detailed notes to the approver, and of course (s)he deleted them prior to publishing the cache. Only problem, I didn't copy notes and had to redo some of the stuff. Silly, I know. But it would be really handy if I can leave notes attached to me cache visible only to me. Thanks



... where is it?

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