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New UK Reviewer


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There are more reviewers that you can shake a stick at. :rolleyes:

That's what I was alluding to John. How many are there these days?


I think there must be at least a dozen, maybe more if you count the Irish contingent.


13, you only have to look at post number 18 on this thread for the list. :rolleyes:

Whoops edit to stand corrected it was post 18 not 8, thanks MrsB

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Just to save you all scrolling back


Alba15--geoki--Carol--North Scotland/South Scotland/North West England

(as of 19-12-2010 on Sabbatical due to ill health)


Andalusite--Von Horst--Mike--South Wales


Antheia-- mundy family--Yvonne--East Midlands/Jersey & Guernsey


dalesmanX--Two Tykes--Keith--Yorkshire and Humberside/North East England


Deceangi--Mancunian Pyrocacher--Dave--North Wales/North West England/Isle of Man/Malta/Gibraltar also (planned) UK Floating Reviewer (as of 19-12-2010, covering North/South Scotland for Alba)


Geohatter--paulbarratt--Paul--West Midlands--GC UK Forum Moderator


Graculus--The Blorenges--Chris--South of England


Lindinis--Ernie B--Ernie--South West England


Royal Oak--The Haywood Hornet--Iain--TBC


The Bee Keeper--sssss--Steve--Eastern England/London


The Long Man--Andy33--Andy--South East England


Croaghan--dino-irl--Niall--Ireland (which covers Northern Ireland)


Inishanier--wildfowler--Graham--Ireland (which covers Northern Ireland)


The workload is such that each one of us, sees more caches per year, than than the 3 UK Reviewers did combined in 2006. That's how popular Geocaching in the UK has become.




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