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Seeking Birds of a Feather geocoins!

Captain Zulu

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Hello everybody!


Two years ago I had my own 'Birds of a Feather - Captain Zulu' geocoin made. A picture of it is hereunder. It is in the colors blue, yellow, green and a little white of the flag of the Dutch province of Flevoland where I live, plus some orange to symbolize our Royal Family, the Huis Van Oranje (The House of Orange).


Knowing that more people had had their personal Birds of a Feather geocoins made before I even had heard of their existence, I started building a small collection of these neat colorful parrots.


So far I have been able to collect a flock of 19 different Birds, most of which I have received from other Bird owners in exchange for one of my Captain Zulu Birds.


But now I have encountered a serious problem in obtaining two specific Birds: the GeekBoy.from.Illinois and the ClickChik ones.


Yes, I do have requested these owners themselves for a trade with me a couple of times and I even have been waiting for one and a half year (!) before I dared asking them for a trade again after a quite rude rejection because of 'lack of time'. That was some weeks ago now but this time I haven't seen any answer at all yet.


So now I'm looking to find these specific two Birds of a Feather geocoins somewhere else. I can trade for my own Birds or for other geocoins from my collection, but I'd also be willing to pay for them.


I'll be grateful for any offer through my Geocaching.com profile!



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Oh, Captain Zulu, I hope you get the other birds you are seeking! I do believe you have one of my birds and if I had the two you were seeking I would gladly trade them to you to complete your collection, but I when I had that coin made, I was "too scared" to ask for trades. (I just didn't think anyone would trade with me.) Thankfully, I've overcome that fear! :)


You might want to see if Sharon from Hogwild has any that she may be willing to trade. It's worth a shot.


Oh, thanks for the information about the color choices you had chosen for you bird. . .very interesting.

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I shall have to go and check my flock and see if I have one of yours. I had no idea there were so many different once about and have only 6 or 8 myself from memory. I do know that I have a rather large envelop with probably 30 or more of ours in the cupboard, ekk... I put one out into the wild and its stayed around without going MIA but has been stuck in Europe for the past several years and everytime it gets a log its in another language!


Now to find my flock!

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Hello again, everybody!


Almost one year ago I opened this 'Seeking Birds of a Feather geocoins' topic. I then had a collection of 19 different Birds.


Today it's a flock of 27 different Birds, all of them (except the Moustik et HBK Bird) new and unactivated!


The only one that I'm still seeking is an unactivated Geek.Boy.from.Illinois Bird. Plus an unactivated Moustik et HBK one of course.


There may be more Birds in the world, but I do not know about their existence. If you, readers of this post, know about any Birds of a Feather geocoin other than the ones mentioned hereunder then please let me know through my profile. Thanks!


These are the Birds in my flock as per today: Caching Coins, Captain Zulu, Centris Sleepless, Chip & Tracey, ClickChik, Cointest Winner by Write Shop Robert, Degai, Georeynozos, Laval K-9, Mama Cache & Geocurls, Myandmydog & Spikester 1, Moustik et HBK, Old Bass Cacher & Smiling Little Perch, Redwing Dave, Southbayday, Team Boykin, Team NAB, Ian&Sue / Team Pathfinder, The Randaddy, Usyoopers, wg, Whitebear black nickel, Whitebear gold, WicksWorks matt gold AE, WicksWorks shiny gold AE, WicksWorks shiny nickel AE, WoolsonAbrams.


This is a picture of them. One Bird (Chip & Tracey) is there twice, one of them is for trade. Two Birds are not on the picture: ClickChik and Team Boykin.



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What an elegant group! I love the way you have displayed them so much better than my lot which are tucked away in an album, I am now thinking I need to get them out and make them more visible!


I do hope you manage to get hold of the ones you are missing, you have worked so hard to get a collection together you deserve to find the last couple.


Good Luck



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Congrats on growing your flock! It's a lot of fun trying to collect all the versions in a group project. I've been working on GW5 Peeps (need 2 more), non-trackable Geocoin Nerds (need 35-ish), and trackable Geocoin Nerds (Need lots!).


I like the display too. I need to do something like that for my Peeps and Nerds. It looks so much better than a binder!


Keep looking, you'll find that last Bird! The secret is to ask, ask, ask! Ask everybody! Someone will have the coin you need!


*On that note: Anybody got any pink or yellow MAMD Peeps? :) How about Nerds to sell or trade? B)

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