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Belt Carry Case For Garmin


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Anyone know of a belt style carry case for the Garmin gps map 62 other than using the carabiner?


Somrthing like this: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=31492


Maybe this incl belt loop: http://www.lovingoutdoors.co.uk/garmin-gpsmap-62-carry-case.html?of_tid=F9HweDbXptXSGhkNwj_1kqZGeZEfrJT4Kq2Kk_vQSFhQ6oJemKWEQPizkICoou-7


Not too sure where you are from, as your profile shows no caches found to date.


Hope the above is helpul.

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Google "GPS Outfitters".


They have one to fit the 60 (62)/76(78) series and another to fit the Oregon/Dakota series.....with extra storage for batteries/accessories.


When I read all the horror stories of dropped and damaged GPS units, and complaints of batteries dying in the field without spares....I just smile.


You should be able to find one on Amazon.....I recommend the canvass case......I have one for a 60 series and 6 or so for Magellan Meridians.

If you're not using your handheld put it in the holster, your screen will stay pristine. Also if you set it down while signing a log chances are you'll leave it there.....the same goes for flashlights and mirrors, etc......a belt pouch serves well for them.


Remember.....if you put it on the ground , many times you will forget it.

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