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Title is meant to be WachyB!


I started geocaching in August 2010 and fell in love with the sport as we all have at some point in our caching history. I have been wowed at some amazing and well setup caches, multi's and puzzles along with some absolutely out of this world scenery and views.


In the 250 odd caches I've found there have been one cacher who, without doubt, has come up with the most enjoyable caches I have found so far. WackyB is his name or Andy to some. Those of you who know the name know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you who don't know of him, my suggestion is to get onto the site and search the nearest one of his caches to you! :)


I've noticed he no longer maintains these treasures and seems to have fallen off the face of the earth with little communication about his disappearance. His profile reckons he last logged in at the end of 2010... Since then the vast majority of his caches have either gone missing, there are parts missing, needs new logs or just general cache maintenance.


I'm sure most will agree it's an absolute shame to let these go to waste when it would be so simple if a few of us who have done these caches and know what goes where and what they should look like could possibly keep these caches going before they all fall to pieces and get lost to the archives.


Would there be a few willing to do this? (including myself)

If you are, flick me an email :)




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Contact the cache owner and ask that the cache be transferred to you. Also put a note on the log to this effect. The note should be of the 'needs archiving' type so the reviewers are aware, if the cache is in disrepair. They will post a 'fix or archive' If the cache owner does not respond in a timely fashion, the reviewer will archive the cache. If you politely ask the reviewer, they may consider a transfer of ownership. They may not also, if the cache owner is still around. In this case, ask the reviewer when the cache will be archived and have a new cache ready to go, pre-approved, that the reviewer can publish on the same day as they archive the old one.


I have had success with the reviewers in exactly these circumstances: A) Adopted ownership of old (historic?) caches where owner gone overseas and not contactable, via the reviewers; B) adopted directly off the owner - again because they went overseas; C) as well as having a cache approved and published the day the 'old' cache was archived by the reviewer due to non response by the original cache's owner.


Work with the reviewers. And good on you for wanting to keep 'great' caches going. Another point about replacing the cache with one of your own is that you can add your own twist to it and cachers who have previously found the old cache can log the new one as a legitimate find. Everyone is happy then.



Kevin aka GenCuster


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