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Convert EUREF89 to WGS84

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Hi All,


I'm trying to help a friend out - he is going mountain climbing in Europe, all the maps he has are in EUREF89, his GPS doesn't support this format. He may have to give quick references "in extremis" so would like to know if there is a way his receiver can convert these i.e. a similar datum...


Some initial web browsing has suggested that there isn't a huge amount of difference between EUREF89 and WGS84 but I'd like that confirmed by someone before I risk his life ;)


Thanks in advance,



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The most used datums today are probably WGS84 (World Geodetic System of 1984) and EUREF89 (European Reference Frame 1989). The difference in coordinates using WGS84 and EUREF89 is less than one meter.


In the Uk the difference is currently about 50cm, which is so far within the margin of error of consumer GPSr units as to be meaningless.

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