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Should O.C.B. come to Australia?

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Hi all,


If like me you'd never put too much value in a can of beans.. think again.. :blink:

I had a quick chat to TEAM360 and learned of O.C.B... got to make you smile..


Anyhow, then I learned of how to get the OCB to an event... ouch $$$$'s


But my question is..


Do you think we should try to start a "Bring OCB to Australia" fund?


An event staged.. a few dollars each from people and maybe we could pull

it off... ideas? suggestions?


I'm in for one.. I'll promote it through my geocaching magazine and website.. see what the response is.....??


Thanks for the feedback..

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Yes please ... Love to see the 'Holy Grail' of geocaching up close.

You can count It's Not About The Numbers in for help with your campaign.


Apty: OCB stands for the Original Can of Beans, the first trade item - and only remaining relic - from the Original Stash cache hidden by Dave Ulmer, the father of geocaching, in May 2000. It was later unearthed by cacher Team 360, who now tours the world with this legendary artefact.


You can read more about this subject - and from tomorrow an interview with the OCB's owner - at It's Not About The Numbers.

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Thanks for the message. See the post with link


They have explained things well, however,

if there's something not covered you'd

like to know about I'm happy to get

an explaination.





G'day jgc3,


Can you pls explain what O.C.B. is?

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