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64bit driver for 62S?


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It probably doesn't hurt, but I doubt it is necessary. Garmin's support webpage doesn't have a link to any drivers, FWIW.


Sure they do. Click on support, then software, then down the page to additional software and at the bottom of that page is USB Drivers which is the file I linked to.

Sorry, I should have clarified. If you go to, say, Oregon 550 product page, then click on "Software" in the upper right corner, you won't see a link to USB drivers.

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tried this on 2 different PCs now, both XP Pro, one 32 bit one 64 bit.

Mapsource and/or windows on both see the 62S no problems.

Memory map won't on both. Pretty sure I have needed to install a driver for it.


Here is garmin page for 62 series:



And Oregon:



Now I HAVE had my friend's 60CSX working on Memory map, and think I recall installing the driver which DOES exist:



Is anyone here using 62S with memory map??

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well I've taken one step forward and two back.


I 'updated' my version of memory map to 5.4.2.

Which was actually a new install rather than an update, grrr, but it now sees the 62S.

But now memory map thinks I haven't paid a small fortune for their expensive mapping system and I have to sort out registering it online, but of course they've changed their system since and.....ah well. Light at the end of the tunnel...

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The Garmin USB drivers are for connecting "old style" Garmin units like the 60csx. They are not needed and will do nothing for a 62, Oregon, Dakota, etc. These all run as generic USB drives.


I do not beleive that is totally true


While it is true no drivers are needed to acces the newer Garmins in "Mass Storage Mode", the drivers are necessary if you want the unit to transmit location data for to a computer for location tracking on a computer, ie Spanner Mode.

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