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favorite mystery cache

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On December 23, 2006 I finally got to log "The Sentinel" by danman. Most of the other finders of this cache studied it for months if not years. To properly solve this puzzle without using the aerial photos, you have to visit 4 markers within Forest Park (NW Portland) and know what you are looking for.

Once you have the code you have to figure out what to do with it.

I have several mystery caches of my own which are not terribly hard to solve, but most cachers seem to ignore all mystery caches.

The Sentinel was last found in August 2009. Maybe this year someone will give it a try.

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The best puzzles provide an interesting intellectual challenge AND a nice walk or hike.


We have many fantastic puzzles in this area. Here are a few that I've really enjoyed:














Of course, many of my favourite multis could be considered puzzles, depending on your own definition (most of them pre-date the puzzle type):









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Man, I have had a few so I can't just pick one.

Who's your mummy? was fun, mentally AND physically challenging plus it was my first FTF!

Top 10 POI Seoul was my first puzzle outside the USA and was so fun I copied it!

Diggin' Up Charlie was a recommendation from my friend FooManJoo, So I rented a car and drove up to Vegas. (I'm Glad I got the insurance on the rental car) Not only was this my first Night Cache but it also has the neatest final stage I have ever seen.

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Well, I lurk here more often than I post (and learn quite a bit by doing so), but having just found this one yesterday after working to solve it for the past five months, I'd like to recommend The Key to the Cryptonomicon, by TOM Creative Group in Nashville.

This is an awesome puzzle cache!


That's my favorite as well. It took me a little over a month to solve it. Someday I might even get a chance to travel to Tennessee to find it.

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