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OK. The old SEPAG is dead. At this point can't they just start over from scratch? Or have the principles just lost interest? I know the traffic seemed to be way down near the end. Is it just not worth it anymore?

I posted there a few times. There wasn't much interest, there's a lot of cachers in our local area, none of them seem interested in posting. Only so much you can do when you posted in literally every thread.

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Well I guess SEPAG is done. Was a good run and we had lots of fun from the early days of Gargie getting it all started right to the end. Some good events and friendship. It's a shame that it all collapsed but the website was donated and I guess the webmaster had no more time to devote. Thanks to all who contributed both to events and the site. Will see you all down the trail.

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Though not from southeast PA, kind of sad to hear this. I occasionally "lurked" the site (a bit more active with the NEPAG site since I used to cache up there a lot, but not recently). But I kind of understand, I haven't even been on the Groundspeak forums in a long time, sometimes life just kind of gets in the way. Even the site I mostly post to (MNYGS - Metro NY Geocaching Society) has a lot of periods of "dull/no activity" on their forums and more so the Lower Hudson Valley Geocachers site. The one other "regional" site I post to, CT Cachers, seems to have more forum activity though, however, mostly by just a few "power posters".

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