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Canadian coming to visit


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Hello my Italian friends...


My name is Trevor and my wife and I are coming to visit your beautiful country at the end of March for a couple of weeks. Our trip will take us to Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence as well as a few other key spots in your storied history (Pompeii for example).


I am wondering if there are any "must see" caches we can get along the way? I will be doing a PQ of the areas but thought getting a personal opinion would be helpful too...its your country, show me what you think I should see.


I will also have a few Geo-Coins and Travel Bugs with me so if there is anyone who would like to work out a trade for any coins, perhaps we can find some time. The bugs I am going to release and race them back home!


...Trevor (aka Funkmaster-T, aka TheHandsomeBoys)

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Hello geomafioso...Thanks for your response, unfortunatly it doesn't look like we will be coming to Bologna (except for maybe on a train going through on our way to Venice) That is too bad as it would be fun to meet you and see Italy through your eyes...but you never know how a trip may go and we may end up in your town none the less...Hope we have a chance to meet sometime...T.

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Only a few more days and we will be there...I am so excited...I have never even left Canada before so this is going to be such an eye openning trip...got a few caches in the ol' GPS and am really looking forward to experiencing another culture...and experiencing the wine...especially the wine...see you in a few days!!!



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