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Paperless? Pocket query?


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So, I use a Garmin e-trex Legend H.

I'm pretty sure I have the PQ figured out. I enter my parameters and can view it now or have it sent to me as an e-mail, although I have yet to recieve an e-mail...




I've gone through the self help manuals a few times and I'm still in a fog. Now that I have a premium membership, I still get an abreviated description in the 'note' section on my Garmin. - So abbreviated that sometimes the title of the cache is partially missing. I don't get it. I still have to write the extra info and/or hints on paper and carry it with me.


Is this a feature that the Garmin e-trex Legend H does not support?

This is the main reason I went to premium, although now I have found other benefits that make it worth it to keep. Still, I'm frustrated that I can't figure out the 'paperless' part of this.


Just to clarify a bit further, my assumption was that I would be able to have ALL the cache info and hints on my GPS. Is that an unreal expectation?

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The eTrex series isn't paperless capable. But you can run the PQ through a 3rd party tool such as GSAK or EasyGPS to get at least some of the information over. Only the newer Garmin models (Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, 62) are fully paperless capable.


BTW, make sure you activate a "day of the week" for the PQ to run, otherwise it won't.

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The title of some caches is partly missing due to the limited characters the note section can hold. The Legend H is limited to about 30 Character. The waypoint ID section is limited to 15 characters. I have spent the time once to edit the waypoint data so the note section would list Terrain, difficulty and cache size but it wasn't worth the effort.

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You might consider buying a used PDA (Palm or Dell Axim). They go for around $20 used these days and you can carry all of the cache listing details with you.


Your GPS was not intended to be a fully paperless unit. However, If you use EasyGPS to load up a OQ then it will transfer the hint and be better at titles.


For more information on PQs - see: http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm

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Another option for paperless is to utilize a smart phone if you have one (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, etc). There are apps to access and download your PQ's to or even access the site to get information. One last option that I used for awhile was my iPod. I had to use my Apple computer to use it along with the maccaching.com software.

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