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Four Mile Canyon Fire Restoration CITO


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Four Mile Canyon Fire Restoration CITO


This is a CITO with a difference.


6 months after the fire destroyed the area, the cleanup efforts continue. The fire directly impacted hundreds of residents and gripped the larger community for weeks, instilling a deep desire for us all to join together to restore the damaging effects of the fire. The wildfire has left thousands of acres prone to severe erosion and invasion by weeds. A multi-agency team, led by Boulder County Parks and Open Space, has developed a restoration plan for the area.


We will be planting native grass seeds on over 500 acres to resist the invasion of weeds and reduce the threat of erosion. We may also apply straw mulch and construct sand-bag barriers in flood prone areas.







Help leave a legacy from yourself and Geocaching by participating in this special CITO event.


February 8 by Team Laxson (2007 found)


I have been working with Boulder County Open Space since the fire trying to get an opportunity to volunteer in this area. I am very happy to see it work out, and am really looking forward to giving back.


With the multiple agencies working together, we are expecting 150 people working in the burn area. I have tentatively estimated that we will account for 40 of them.

Please talk to you geocaching pals and promote this event!


Published with Special Permission from Groundspeak
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This special event was awesome and geocaching should be proud to have been a part of it. I know I am.


First off a special thanks has to go out to Chris with Team Laxson for getting this on the books. He coordinated with VOC and Boulder County to get the geocachers into the "hot" zone. We worked our caching butts off reseeding and raking the forest floor all in an effort to control soil erosion and to start rebuilding the precious ecosystem of the area.


Team Laxson was able to supply lunch for geocachers as well as a few others courtesy of Chick-Filet and Safeway. The businesses stepped up to the plate to offer sandwiches and chips plus hand sanitizer/paper towels. No questions asked. No calling corporate. Just working with people (geocachers) who would be hungry at lunch time.


We enjoyed the comradeship of being a team of our own and knowing that in a few short months, this area will be starting to green up.


Thanks to geocaching for allowing this event that doesn't really fall into the CITO category but is just (if not more) vital to helping our Mother Earth.


To all of the attending geocachers, Thank You for your hard work....you will feel it in the morning.

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