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Keeping your TBs straight

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I noted some stuff about switched numbers on some bugs, resulting in confused finders and all sorts of fun stuff. I really like the idea of Travel Bugs and plan to deploy a BUNCH, so just thought I would share how I did my first 5 (all at once!), if someone wants a method:


a. Pull out one tag and chain from bug envelope and attach to toy (or whatever).

b. Activate the bug using info on envelope. You can go add images and clean things up later (follow link from your cache page!).

c. Write bug name and act. date on envelope

d. file copy tag, in its envelope, in the shipping envelope or some other container (sandwich bag? tupperware?).

I can keep a lot of bugs in my container, and they will all be in my "cache fodder" storage box if I need them. Now I want to tell you, I am easily confused and incredibly disorganized, so if this worked for me it can work for anyone!

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I've used those key rings that have a circle of paper protected with a piece of metal, and a wire loop. I write the name of the bug on the paper circle, and hook the wire loop through the copy tag. Then I strung them all on one of the chains that come with the bugs...


Not as organized as your method, but it does keep my tags straight, and in one place. It is useful, because occasionally, some one will need the id to make a log...



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