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ET series

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Wow! Have to agree with you on this statement CR!!! Shocker :o

Woot!! :lol::lol: :lol: :lol:

For the record, it has never been my contention that this series was in violation of the guidelines.

There are aspects of this series that I am not comfortable with.

There are methods being employed by folks seeking these caches that cause me concern.

Groundspeak is OK with them, and many folks like them. You won't see me rallying the troops, pitchfork & torch in hand.

I will however, continue to express my concerns, and defend my viewpoints, as I hope you will continue to defend yours.

I did try a powertrail once, and, based on that experience, I doubt I'd try another one.

But I recognize that my dislike of powertrails is not grounds for banning them.

If that were the case, all we'd have left would be ammo cans in swamps. :P:lol:

I tell you one thing. If I'm ever out that way again I'm for sure going to find your caches

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You keep referring to hypothetical ranch land possibly not being BLM land even though Ecylram already verified that the specific land at issue in this thread is BLM land. You are not helping your argument by continually ignoring the facts of the case.


According to the map below (from blm.gov) it looks like the area in question is actually DOD & DOE property.




Here's a better link showing the Battle Mountain District. This is from the Nevada portion of the BLM website.



Thanks Ecylram. I thought that other map was showing the wrong area.

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My bad. The Trail also crosses into this area:


No worries. It's difficult to identify boundaries when only selected roads are included in the map.


As a response to an earlier comment, I think it's a good idea to double check what someone else posts a 'fact' and I want to know if I got something wrong (even if I don't like it). smile.gif


These topics are contentious enough without everybody working off different sets of information.

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This topic has created several reports for personal attacks and other mayhem, so I'm going to give everyone a breather by shutting it down for a while. When it reopens, please refrain from posting insulting statements, personal attacks and inciting conflict.


Tip: Please avoid using the word "why" as it creates the appearance of challenging another party. The usual human response to a challenge is to reply defensively, usually derailing the discussion.

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