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Carbon Hunter

Photographs at caches

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Just a heads up. There have been a few cases of people being arrested and charged for taking photographs at "sensitive" areas around Abu Dhabi.

The following article shows that the onus is on the photographer to make syre that they know the rules regarding the area being photographed.


Some of the areas are:

Taweelah (the industrial complex btween Abu dhabi and dubai)

The palace across from Emirates Palace (there was a nano cache near here called the royal nano)

The leaning tower at ADNEC - the photographer got some embassies in the photos and this was the problem

Electrical boxes etc.


Please be careful and look out for signs - especially red signs (even those in arabic only). Also be aware near ANY palatial buildings, government buildings or military and police areas. I have even heard of problems near the Maqta and Mussafah bridge from people taking video footage.


The bottom line - be careful - and rather take it easy - be open and honest with police - explain geocaching - don't use some excuse about looking for lizards or dropping keys - and rather move on and be pleasant.


I'm sure similar caution applies in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Dubai, Oman etc.

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Generally photographty is not a major issue in Qatar. Absolute no-go areas are military, police and oil & gas installations. I have not heard of anybody having problems around other buildings but I would recommend erring on the cautious side and exercise the maxim "If in doubt - DON'T!"

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I had a problem a year or two ago. Though the police stopped me for taking a photograph, the real reason it transpired was using a GPS in a way and place they had not previously experienced. Moreover, I particularly watched for the no photographing signs and in this case, I hadn't seen one. A later check made me believe that the cache was outside the prohibited area and before I reached the no photography signs. The most concerning part of the whole experience was that it took a little time to be told that even photography was the problem leaving me in a situation for which I had no explanation.

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