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Oh, The things we do to complete TB missions

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As I spent the last hour logging and posting pics to a Travel Bug page I started to wonder what is the furthest, hardest, or craziest thing you have done to help a TB complete it's mission.


You can read mine here TB22D, I drove over an hour to bring a very old Astronaut TB to Kennedy Space Center and dip it into a Virtual Cache on the compound. In my case it was not actually the TBs goal to go to KSC, but after contacting the owner and asking if he wanted me to bring it there he loved the idea and asked me to make sure to post lots of pictures.


After all the lost TB posts I figured it be nice about the ones that made it to their goal for a change.

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I was in Europe and discovered that at the airport there was a TB that wanted to go to my home state in the U.S. I had my niece take me there, 30 min one way. After i retuned to the U.S. i drove three hours (one way) just to get the TB to the city it wanted to visit.

The owner never contacted me and never said Thank You. I will never do that again.

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I was caching today and found one that had been dropped off by someone from france who wants it to visit a bunch of states so I am taking it from KY to my Home in FL. I just brought one from FL to Chicago it's not going to move if I don't move them. T2


Wait a minute, you're not one of those Dipping cachers who assist bugs towards the goal, are you? ;)




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I picked up one TB that sat in the second cache it was placed in for a month and a half. It wanted to go to Texas. I had a caching friend going to Texas in the next month and a half. So in that time, the TB went everywhere with me--MA, RI, CT, NH & VT. Then off to TX with my friend.


I found a naked TB last summer. Looked it up and it had been missing for over a year--belonged to a kid in the Netherlands. So I contacted the owner, picked up some travelers to attach to it and sent it back out on its merry way.


Last week I found yet another naked TB. The owner posted a note on the cache page asking if someone would take it on a tour of their home town since the TB is in their home state. I contacted them since the traveler has since gone missing, and will find something to replace it. And I also asked for a list of tour stops and will take the tb on a photo tour in the next few weeks.


In both instances the TB owners have been very gracious. I suppose if I ran into an ungrateful one, I might stop doing this.

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