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Super Bowl XLV 2011 Raffle for Mardi Gras Coins


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Wow, thanks for your overwhelming replies.


Just for the statistcs right now:


Steelers lead by 33 votes vs. Packers by 31 votes


The point difference between both are the most by 4 points difference.

12 votes with 4 points diff.

11 votes with 3 points diff.

10 votes with 7 points diff.


Right now we do have 64 participants in the game.


Thank you and I am really looking forward to the game. It would mean that I won`t get asleep.

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Packers: 37

Steelers: 28


Please and Sorry I forgot to mention ONLY 1 vote.

I would like to avoid more votes from the same person in the raffle and makes it not nice to others if we will have the drawing.


Which vote of yours shall I take?


Oops, sorry:) Figured it was one per day.


Go ahead and use the high one....thanks:)

Packers: 37

Steelers: 28


Edited to clarify vote.

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The Final Countdown ! The Party can begin !


My daughters Tip STEELERS

Mine are the PACKERS


I like Freezer no. 90 ! Hope he will get another Touchdown ! Too bad he shot the Bears out.

He reminds me of fridge Perry "William Perry" , hope he gets better.


We have 72 bets in the ring !

Steelers: 38

Packers: 34


The teams I got to see live were the Boston Patriots in the 80th and the Chicago Bears in the 90th.


I wish you all a mega party time and hope to get the winner announced tomorrow, but first I have to go to work.

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Congrats to Pingos!! You hit the nail on the head!! I *think* I'm tied with labrat wr for 2nd place--can't wait for the official announcement!


Big congrats to Pingos, How did you know they would go for the 2-pt conversion :anibad:


Good luck GoldBugGirl for 2nd place - however that will be decided.

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Wow what a game ! I loved it, besides those commercials in between .

The main work is done (but still in office), and I had to think about something.


Congratulation to pingos ! You hit the 12 ! You made it ! Point-landing !

Steelers 25 : Packers 31


So, we here in Germany, when we bet in our soccer league, we do have points for the right score and points for those who have bet the right winner-team but only a different goal-score. This would be the second place then.

Then I looked up what I had posted, and this was the closest score.


So, I thought I make something special.


The closest bets to the final score, as you already know have labrat_wr and GoldBugGirl.

Both had 24:31 for the Packers.


According to our soccer-bets here, the closest bet with the less points to the final score were given by

Mauison , tommytrojan360 and CW88. Their bets had only 6 points in difference.


Then I looked up "where are you from" and I realized that we are multi-cultural and we do have Netherland, Wisconsin (home of Green Bay Packers), Louisiana, Hawaii, California and Switzerland !


Well I made the following decision:




Please let me know your adress through my GC-account (not PM) and please activate your e-mail, so I can answer you.


pingos: both coin editions, in case you only want to have one ! lol !


labrat_wr, GoldbugGirl, Mauison, tommytrojan360 and CW88 from switzerland (my 2. home country):

You, please let me know which of the Editions you want me to ship.


Well, it was fun watching the game and with 2 hours sleep going to work.

And it was fun watching you placing your bets.


I hope I will see all of you, or at least a few of you, in Cologne this year, August 26th - 28th, when we host the 1. European Geocoinfest 2011 !


Have a great time



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