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Super Bowl XLV 2011 Raffle for Mardi Gras Coins


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While I was just painting my daughters room the following idea came up to me.


The Super Bowl XLV Raffle !


Get set with your pop corn, hot dogs and drinks and relax! It is not just Super Bowl, it is Super Bowl SUNDAY! The Super Bowl spectacle is going to be on February 6, 2011! Throw a sports theme party and get all set with Super Bowl tickets as well!


It's Super Bowl time!


The players are, but to whom I am writing this, you all probably have a big party going on !


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers


Please post your votes for the final result here ! (f.e 22 : 33 for Green Bay Packers)


The winner can choose between my 2 Mardi Gras Germany Versions (red/white or GC-color) !

The second winner will get the one which the winner hasn`t choosen.


If we have 2 or more persons with the same vote, or the closest vote, then I will let someone of you choose the envelope where I have put the name in.


The votes can be post here until 5:00 pm CST . Kickoff will be 5:25 pm. CST


I hope you like it and it will be fun for me to watch your bets.





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