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Dragon Tails


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well, i suppose waiting until friday is ok, since it is just around the corner. can't be buying any coins, but i sure do like to see new ones come out.


Oh, I don't think we should make you wait that long....


*fiddles with images*

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And here is Sapphire






We made a tweak to the metal finish for this one for final production, so final coins will be slightly different.


wow! thanks so much for posting the pics! is the green a translucent? i looks like you can see detail under the colour.

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wow! thanks so much for posting the pics! is the green a translucent? i looks like you can see detail under the colour.


Yes, the background color on all of them is a translucent, but it's hard to tell on Emerald, since it's trans 10. :)

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I like the sub-layering textures! Did you happen to make a non-enameled version or have a mint proof without enamel? I'm really curious to see more :)


Yes, we sampled a version with very little enameled (just the dragon eye and tongue) and an epoxy dome over it all. We will share photos of that one eventually, it will not be available for general sale.

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Got mine :)


I've just got up out of bed (it's Saturday morning here) and turned on the computer.


TMA - just realised I had wrong shipping address on the order. Have sent a message via the contact us link. Thanks.

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Got'm B)


You're one of only 3 orders so far. People must actually be working ;)


I'm working, but I took a "break" to order. :laughing:

Now back to the grindstone <_<


You were the first order, 6 minutes ahead of anyone else. You must have a sharp eye on this thread




That's shocking, but very cool. My ninja ways must've finally kicked in. :ph34r:

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Planning on attending a Mega event this summer? Keep your eyes open for Dragons - We expect new versions of Dragon Tails to make their debut at GW9 and MWGB. Nightshade, Sunflare and Ember will be releasing this summer. At this point we don’t know for sure which versions will be available at each event. Any that remain after the events are expected to be available online later this summer.










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Yes, there is a MWGB version. I believe it's called Ember. I haven't ordered any coins for GCF yet. But I bet those two could talk me into an order.




Yes, Ember is the name of the MWGB version.


TMA: We'll be sure to whine and wheedle appropriately, after you survive MWGB. :)

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