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My GPSr saved my skin - literally!

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I wonder if anyone else has any similar stories to this? Please share if you do!


On Sunday I was out on an mtb ride up a tricky (for me) piece of trail called Kliprug in the hills outside Durbanville. I'm currently recording all my mtb tracks and uploading them to OSM, so as usual I had my Oregon in my back RHS shirt pocket. While climbing a tight right hand switchback that has rocks in the path, the chain slipped over the top of the gears as I put the pressure on to get round. This caused the back wheel to lock and when that happens there's only one way you go, and that's over! With feet clipped to the pedals, there's nothing you can do to stop yourself falling, and in this case it was into a pile of sharp rocks. :o


Fortunately injuries weren't severe (mostly pride and some grazed shins and elbows). It was only once I reached the end of the trail and was enjoying breakfast that I took a look at the Oregon and saw the damage that the rubber backing had suffered. There's no doubt that I would have been much worse off if it hadn't been protecting my lower back, as can be seen from the photo below.


So big thanks from me to Garmin for building these units so tough. There's no other damage other than to the rubber "skin" and the recording of the tracks was uninterrupted. Just as well that I had the screen side in though, so there's something to remember in the future. :D


PS: Any suggestions on how to repair the rubber?



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