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Bushcraft / hiking / survival gear

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I have a bin of goodies that need to go, so if you’re a hiking geocacher, bushcraft enthusiast then you’re in luck! Too much to list everything but here are a few items;

- Black NATO issue BCB canteen “never used” <-- Bear Grylls

- BCB NATO canteen stove

- New full tang raft knife w/ high impact plastic form fitting sheath w/ clip


- Lots of other items like first aid supplies, survival whistle, atleast 50yards snare wire, real 7 stand para cord, pouches, real button compass, hurricane matches, fire steel and striker, and as much stuff as I can fit in a medium to large flat rate USPS box. I won’t stop until its full. US or APO only please. You won’t be disappointed.


- $40.00 shipped takes all.


- I will also include an already made geocache and TBs that I have not have not had time to place. Geocache is made with items from the Groundspeak online store.


If interested email CVGpilot09@yahoo.com



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I just tried to add pics that folks are asking for but apparently I can only post pics hosted by another site and not uploaded from my computer. Email me for pics.

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Great prices on some great gear.


Good luck with your sale.



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